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Conchoscopy          & Molluscation

              (otherwise known as Shell Collecting!)

           I collect all types of mollusk shells: marine, freshwater, terrestrial, arboreal and fossil. I find the local species here in Tennessee and trade them and spare worldwide specimens with other enthusiasts from all over the globe.

           Even if you've never traded before, or think that what you have is so common that "Who would want those?", or you don't know what they are or how to find out, but you still want to play, drop me a note and we'll go from there. Many of the most common shells are the hardest for collectors to get because commercial dealers won't be bothered for the small profit involved, and as for getting things identified, that's where you start learning. Lots of expert help is available.

           Oh, by the way, if it is pictured on this page or any of my other shell pages, I have one in my collection.

Shell Identification Assistance Page

where experts are standing by to help YOU
identify your most problematic shells. my current tradelist for:

Marine Snails

Marine Bivalves

Freshwater Snails

Freshwater Bivalves

Land Snails

Tree Snails


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