Marine Snails

or Gastropods

Current Trade List, May 7, 2003

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           The numbers indicate how many of each species I have in hand today. If the shells you want are popular or rare, don't wait! Email me immediately so that I can set your selections aside for you. He who hesitates must pick something else!

The pictured shells are only for illustration and bragging rights. Unless they are named in the list, I DO NOT have them to trade.

Pleurotomaria hireasei

Scaphella junonia

Cypraea fultoni

Conus gaugauni

Cypraea langfordi

Conus milneedwardsi

Acmaea antillarum, Florida, 12+
Acmaea pustulata, Florida, 12+
Atys ooformis, Indonesia, 1
Bulla striata, Florida, 12+
Cassis saburon, Portugal, 1
Cellana rota, Oman, 1
Cerithium lividulum, Italy, 11
Conus peali, Florida, 2
Cypraea annulus, Australia, 1
Cypreaea bistroentata, Solomon Islands, 8
Cypreaea carneola, Solomon Islands, 1
Cypraea childreni, Solomon Islands, 1
Cypreaea clandestina, Solomon Islands, 2
Cypreaea coxeni, Solomon Islands, 1
Cypreaea errosa, Solomon Islands, 2
Cypreaea errones, Australia, 2
Cypreaea gracilis, Solomon Islands, 5
Cypreaea helvola, Solomon Islands, 2
Cypreaea lynx, Solomon Islands, 2
Cypreaea moneta, Solomon Islands, 4
Cypraea moneta (bumpy1) Australia, 12+
Cypreaea nucleus, Solomon Islands, 2
Cypreaea ovum chrysostoma, Australia, 1
Cypreaea punctata, Solomon Islands, 2
Cypreaea pyriformis, Australia, 3
Cypraea staphylaea, Australia, 1
Cypraea ziczac, Solomon Islands, 5
Granata embricata, Australia, 1
Haliotis coccoradiata, Australia, 5
Haliotis rubra, Australia, 1
Melongena corona, Florida, 12+, Juv.
Nassarius cornicula, Spain, 3
Nassarius incrassatus, Spain, 4
Nassarius vibex, Florida, 12+
Nerita atramentosa, Australia, 12+
Nerita versicolor, Florida, 7
Nucella lamellosa, Alaska, 4
Patella caerulica, Spain, 2
Patella rustica, Spain, 2
Patella ulyssiponensis, Italy, 1
Phasinella australis, Australia, 5
Phyllonotus pomum, Florida, 3
Pisania striata, Italy, 12+
Polinices melanostoma, Indonesia, 2
Strombus gigas (juveniles), Florida, 4 Terebra dislocata, Florida, 7
Thais orbita, Australia, 2

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