Marine Bivalves

Current Trade List, May 7, 2003

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           The numbers indicate how many of each species I have in hand today. If the shells you want are popular or rare, don't wait! Email me immediately so that I can set your selections aside for you. He who hesitates must pick something else!

Spondylus linguaefelis

Pecten marybellae

Anadara transversa, Florida, 12+
Arcinella arcinella, Florida, 6
Atrina rigida, Florida, 5
Atrina serrata, Florida, 4
Barbatia pistachia, Australia, 3
Cardita antiquata, Italy, 2
Carditamera floridiana, Florida, 5
Cerastoderma glauca, Spain, 2
Chlamys glabra pontica, Italy,1
Chione cancellata, Florida, 9
Clausinella brongnitii, Italy, 1
Dinocardium vanhyningi, Florida, 6
Donacilla cornea, Spain, 2
Donax deltoides, Australia, 3
Donax gouldii, California, 4
Donax variabilis, Florida, MANY colors! 12+
Dosinia discus, Florida, 6
Gafrarium divaricatum, Singapore, 2
Gastrana fragilis, Italy, 4
Gloriapallium pallium, Phillipines, 1
Katekysia scalarina, Australia, 4
Laevacardium laevigatum, Florida, 9
Macoma tenuis, Spain, 6
Mactra pignaria, Italy, 2
Macrocallista maculata, Florida2
Meretrix meretrix, Singapore, 4
Modiolus americanus, Florida, 7
Mytilus galloprovincialis, Italy, 2
Pteria colymbus, Florida, 3
Plicatulla gibbosa, Florida, 3
Scaphara cornea, Italy, 3 (single valves)
Scapharca inequivalvis, Italy,1
Spisula soliddissima, Florida, 2
Spisula subtruncata, Italy, 2
Tellina incarnata, Italy, 3
Tellina lineata, Florida, 3, red
Tellina lineata, Florida, 12+, white
Tellina staurella, Samoa, 1
Timoclea ovata, Spain, 3
Trachycardium egmontianum, Florida, 4
Trachycardium isocardia, Florida, 3
Trachycardium muricatum, Brazil, 1

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