Freshwater Snails

Current Trade List, October 21, 2002

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           The numbers indicate how many of each species I have in hand today. If the shells you want are popular or rare, don't wait! Email me immediately so that I can set your selections aside for you. He who hesitates must pick something else!

Bythnia tentaculata, Poland, 7
Cernuella neglecta, Italy, 3
Discus rotundus, Italy, 3
Eobania verniculata, Italy, 3
Leptoxis praerosa, Tennessee, 12+
Lymnaea pereger, Italy, 4
Melanoides tuberculata, Singapore, 1
Pleurocera unciale hastatum, Tennessee, 12+
Potamopyrgus jenkinsii, Poland, 12+
Zebrina detrita, Italy, 3

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