Current Trade List, April 19, 2002

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           The numbers indicate how many of each species I have in hand today. If the shells you want are popular or rare, don't wait! Email me immediately so that I can set your selections aside for you. He who hesitates must pick something else!

Anadara floridana, Florida, 8
Ancistrosyrinx terebralis, France, 1
Assorted small shark's teeth
Aporrhais pespelicani, North Carolina, 2
Barbatia cancellaria, Florida, 7
Busycon contraria, Florida, 4
Calyptrea fornicata, Florida, 3
Cancellatria plagiostoma, Florida, 12+
Chesapecten ?, North Carolina, 12+
Chlamys fuscopurpureus, Florida, 3 (valves)
Chione cancellata, Florida, 10+
Chione latilirata athleta, Florida, 10+
Conus spuroides, Florida, 5
Cylichna brugierei, France, 1
Cypraea problematica, 4, Fla.
Dosinia discus, Florida, 5
Dosinia elegans, Florida, 4
Diastoma variculosum, France, 1
Echinochama arcinella, Florida, 5
Eucrassitella gibbesii, Florida, 2
Fasciolaria lilium, Florida, 12+
Fasciolaria scalarina, Florida, 1
Fusinus watermani, Florida, 2
Latirus moorei, 3, Texas
Macrocallista nimbosa, Florida, 2
Melongena corona, Florida, 5
Mercenaria mercenaria, Florida, 3
Miltha caloosaensis, Florida, 9
Mirula plicatula, France, 1
Mitra heilprini, Florida, 3
Natica plicatula, Florida, 8
Oliva carolinensis, Florida, 12+
Olivella biplicata, California, 3
Olive rosae, Floida, 10
Omalaxidae laudunensis, France, 1
Ostrea sculpturata, Florida, 1
Planorbis species, Florida, 12+
Plictula gibbosa, Florida, 6
Polinices duplicata, Florida, 12+
Raphitoma costellata, France, 1
Sassia tritoneum, France, 1
Strombus pugilus alatus, Florida, 3
Suessonis exigua, France, 1
Tellina species, Florida, 3
Tulipa sps., Florida, 1
Vivparus species, Florida, 12+
Xenophora mediterranea, Italy, 2

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