This poem was sent to me with a request that I post it. I agreed to because it has a lot to say about the mindset of today's youth.

The Lost World

The World is Lost!
Who are we to Pay the cost?
The books have been replaced with gun's,
The teacher student bond destroyed by hate.
We are losing at an alarming rate.
My mind is full, I am beginning to lose all sense of realitly.
I can't comprehend the way we bend our morals and
self standards to be "one of the guys".
Will we ever wake up?
Is the world gonna shatter into oblivion?
I don't know which way to go.
Organized crime seems like the only way to survive.
If the taxes don't kill us they will supress and depress us.
The world is full of false pretenses.
Our food is no longer food, it's garbage created in some lab.
The FDA has got more chemicals in our blood than Kurt Cobain.
Swept away in a flood of violence,
The drugs rule the underground.
Christ is nowhere to be found.
Feeling like the walking dead,
Looking foward to my life ahead,
Oh the Dread!
Its a lost world.

Eric Foster 12-20-99

The poem comes from a life of secondary thinking. I'm currently 19 years old. I have always enjoyed the idea of thinking, and trying to express the ways I feel about the ideas and morals of this world, how they can sometimes be so idyosyncratic that even the person that created them doesn't understand them. I see myself as a "Modern Thinker". The poem came to me in pieces over the years. I have a notebook and I write pieces down as they come to me and then I piece them together. I don't know why or how I strongly dislike the rules of English grammar but yet I have been given a gift that utilizes that which I dislike.

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