War is not pleasent and neither are some of the
authentic photos with which I have illustrated
these stories. If such reality upsets or offends you,
stop now, and go visit the other subjects to be
found at this site. Thank you.


           As a general rule, the history of war is the history of men, but in
the story of the American Civil War, it is also HERstory. The individual
women featured on these pages contributed as much as any man, and in some
instances, more than most of the men on the battlefields. These are they who
followed their husbands and brothers to the field of battle and to prisons; who
went down into the very edge of the fight to rescue the wounded and comfort the
dying; who labored in field and city hospitals; who went behind enemy lines on
dangerous secret missions and who performed a myriad of other valuable and
incredible tasks under circumstances most of us now cannot even imagine.


Julia Ward Howe


Louisa May Alcott
Harriet Beecher Stowe


Children of Jeff Davis
Children of the Battlefield
Boys Picture Gallery
Brig. Gen. John Lincoln Clem
"Drummer" Jackson
Family Picture Gallery
Girls Picture Gallery
Pope girl
Roehrig boy
Stevens children


Edwina Booth
Kate Chase
Lucy Hale
Clara H. Harris
Fanny Seward
Jenny Wade


The Booths
Pauline Cushman
Mrs. Elizabeth Horton
Laura Keene
Unknown Actress


Hospital Laundry
Making Bullets
Oil City Tea Party
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Quilting Bee
Relief Society
Sanitary Fairs
Unknown Lincoln Mourners
Unknown New Orleans octaroons
Unknown New York ladies
Unknown New York orphans



Mary Ann Holmes Booth
Mary Elizabeth Jenkins Surrat


Clara Barton
"Mother" Mary Ann Ball Bickerdyke
Dorothy Dix
Dr. Hettie Painter
Phoebe Y. Pember
Dr. Mary Edwards Walker
Unknown Nurse


Eliza Clinedinst Crim
Mrs. Almira Fales
Mrs. George Gelston
Unknown laundress
Julia Wheelock


Mum Bett / Elizabeth Freeman
Freed School Children
Unknown Mammy
Unknown Slave Laundresses


Sergeant Kady Brownell
Pvt. Albert Cashier
Frances Clalin
Mrs. Mary Tepe


Belle Boyd
"Major" Pauline Cushman
Sarah Emma Edmonds
Rose Greenhowe
Hattie Lawton
Elizabeth Van Lew
Rebecca Wright


Mary Devlin Booth
Mrs. George K. Brady
Mrs. R. B. Chaffin
Mrs. Dikeman
Julia Dent Grant
Mrs. W. A. Gorman
"First Lady" Elizabeth Johnson
"First Lady" Mary Todd Lincoln
Mrs. Charles Lowell
Mrs. A. A. Moulton
Mrs. William Oatley
Hetty Cary Pegram
Mrs. John Pickle
Nellie Ramseur
Mrs. Fanny Ricketts
Mrs. Joel S. Stevens
"Fisrt Lady" Julia G. Tyler
Mrs. Lavinia Thumb
Mrs. Ann Wallace
Mrs. Henry H. Waugh
Mrs. Gordon Winslow
Wives Picture Gallery
Unknown wife, Xmas 1862
Unknown wife, August 1863


A Baltimore tauntress
Anna Surrat
Sue Mundy
Unknown Southern Sympathizers

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