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This music is NOT historical Civil War music.
It is the theme from the movie "Gettysburg", written by Randy Edelman, sequenced by Dayle K.

Music of the American Civil War

WARNING! Some of these song titles and lyrics contain a word or words and sentiments that have long since become "un-socially correct". They are included here ONLY because they are historically correct IN THIS CONTEXT. If these words offend you, read no further.
These words IN NO WAY reflect the feelings of the webmasters of this site.

Several of these songs, (the ones marked *, and perhaps some others) were arranged, and midis made, by Benjamin Tubbs. Please visit his site at Public Domain Music

Several others were arranged and recorded by the individuals noted below the titles.

1812 Quickstep
1861 Confederate March
(Sequenced by Dayle K.)


Abdul Abulbul Amir
(Sequenced by Leslie Nelson)
Abe Lincoln Went to Washington
(Sequenced by Brian Hicks)
A Life on an Ocean Wave
A Life on the Vicksburg Bluffs
A Soldier in de Colored Brigade*
Abraham's Daughters *
Ah, May the Red Rose Live Alway*
All Quiet Along The Potomac Tonight
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
All Thru The Night
Always Stand on the Union Side*
Amazing Grace
(Sequenced by Ben Hastings)
Annie Laurie
Annie My Own Love
Annie of the Vale
Araby's Daughter *
Army Beans
(Sequenced by Joseph P. Webster)
Assembly bugle call
Aunt Harriet Beecha Stowe
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)


Beautiful Dreamer *
Belle Brandon
Benton Barrack's Parade March*
Berdan's Sharpshooters
Better Times Are Coming*
Billy Barlow
(Sequenced by Dayle K.)
Black Velvet Band
Blow, Boys, Blow!
(Sequenced by Leslie Nelson)
Bonnie Blue Flag *
Boys, Keep Your Powder Dry!
Bridget O'Malley
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
Bum! Bum! Bum!


Camptown Races*
Cheer, Boys, Cheer!
(Sequenced by Barry Taylo)
Children of the Battlefield*
Co - ca - che -lunk
Colors bugle call
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean
Comin' From De Cotton Fields*
Corporal Schnapps
Cousin Jedidiah*


Dandy Jim ob Caroline*
NEW!" Darling Nelly Gray
De Boatmen's Dance *
De Day ob Liberty's Comin'*
De "Glendy Burk"*
Dinah Doe*
(Sequenced by R. G. Allen)
Dixie for the Union, #1
Dixie for the Union, #2
Dixie, the Home of King Cotton
Dolly Day
Down Among the Canebrakes
(Sequenced by W. Thomaschewski)


Eatin' Goober Peas
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
Ellie Rhee*


Father Murphy
(Sequenced by Leslie Nelson)
Fiddler's Green
Finnegan's Wake
First Arkansas Marching Song
(Sequenced by Dayle K.)
Follow the Drinking Gourd
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
For Bales
Fort Sumter is Fallen
(Sequenced by R. Jordan)
Freemen, Rally!
Fremont Hussar's March*
Funeral March
(Sequenced by Bill Bowden)


Gary Owen
General Forrest's Schottisch*
General Sigel's Grand March*
Give Us a Flag
(Sequenced by Dayle K.)
Glory (the movie theme)
God Bless Our Brave Young Volunteers!*
Go Down, Moses
God Save The South
(Sequenced by Louis C. Singer)
Goodbye, Old Glory!*
Good Ol' Colonial Days
(Sequenced by John Renfro Davis)
Good Ol' Rebel
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
Grafted Into the Army*
Green Grow the Lilacs
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
Guns and Drums


Hail, Columbia!
Hard Crackers
(Sequenced by Kathie Frasier)
Hard Times Come Again No More
(Sequenced by Kathie Frasier)
Hard Times in Dixie
Hell on the Wabash
(Sequenced by Dayle K.)
Hey Mister, Here's Your Mule!*
Hold the Fort*
Home Sweet Home
How Are You, Telegraph?
(Sequenced by Scott Williams)


I Goes to Fight Mit Sigel
I Have a Doctor's Certificate
I'll Be a Sergeant*
I 'm Going Home to Dixie*
Irish Eyes
(Sequenced by Chris Schafehen)
It's All For Me Grog
(Sequenced by John Renfro Davis)
It's All Up In Dixie!*
I Wish The War Was O'er


Jeff and Liberty
(Sequenced by Dayle K.)
Jeff In Petticoats*
Jessie the Flower of Dumblane*
Jim Crack Corn or The Bluetail Fly*
Jim Crow*
Jine the Cavalry
NEW!" The One Horse Open Sleigh
John Bell of Tennessee
Johnny's Gone For a Soldier
Just Before the Battle, Mother
(Sequenced by W. Thomaschewski)


Kathleen Mavourneen
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
Kentucky, O Kentucky!
Kingdom Comin'*


Lincoln and Hamblin
Lincoln and Liberty
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
Listen to the Mockingbird*
Little Brown Jug*
Lookout Mountain
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
Louisiana Belle*
Lubly Fan, Won't You Come Out Tonight?*
Lucy Long


NEW!" MacClellan is The Man
Maid of Fyvio
(Sequenced by Ron Clarke)
Manassas Quick March* Marching Along
Marching Through Georgia*
Maryland, My Maryland*
Masonic Song
NEW!" Missouri Bright Land of the West
Monitor and the Merrimac
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
Mrs. McGrath
(Sequenced by Ron Clarke)
My Ol' Kentucky Home
My Old Man Has Gone to War
My Wife is a Most Knowing Woman*


Nell Flaherty's Drake
(Sequenced by Leslie Nelson)
New Emancipation Song*
Nigger Will Be Nigger*
Nobody Knows De Trouble I's Seen


O Donne Laboo
O! Touch Not My Sister's Picture*
Oh, Susanna*
Old Abe Lincoln Came Out of the Wilderness
(Sequenced by John W. McCoy)
Old Abe, the Battle Eagle
Old Black Joe*
Old Dan Tucker*
Old Folks at Home
Old Shady
Ole Tare River*


Peely Guards Quickstep*
(Sequenced by Ron Clarke)
Picking Lint
(Sequenced by Kathie Fraser)
Polly Wolly Doodle
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
NEW!" Poor Wayfaring Stranger




Reveille bugle call
Riding a Raid
Ring, Ring de Banjo
Richmond's a Hard Road to Travel
Rob Roy
(Sequenced by Ron Clarke)
Roll, Alabama, Roll
Root, Hog, or Die!*
NEW!" Rory O'Moore
Rosin the Bow
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)


Saint Patrick's Day
Sally Come Up*
Sambo's Right to be Kilt*
Scotland the Brave
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
Settin' On a Rail
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
Shiloh's Hill
Shortnin' Bread
(Sequenced by Frank Cramer)
NEW!" Sing, Darkies, Sing
Sixty Three's the Jubilee*
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
Soldier's Joy
Southern Chant of Defiance*
Southern Soldier Boy
Stand Up For Uncle Sam, M' Boys!*
Starved In Prison*
Stonewall Jackson's Way
Stonewall's Quick Step*
Strike For Your Rights!


Take Your Gun and Go, John
(Sequenced by Dayle K.)
Taps bugle call
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
Tara's Theme from "Gone With the Wind"
That's What's the Matter*
Tenting Tonight on the Old Campground
The Army of the Free
The Battle Cry of Freedom*
The Battle Hymn of the Republic
The Blackhorse Men
(Sequenced by R. G. Allen)
The Bowld Sojer Boy
The Bonnie White Flag
The Brassmounted Army
NEW!" The Confederate Flag
The Carpetbagger's Lament*
The Cruel War
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
The Death of General Lyon
The Dissolution Wagon
The Downfall of Paris
(Sequenced by Dayle K.)
The Drummer Boy of Shiloh
The Faded Coat of Blue*
The Fairy Boy*
The Field of Antietem*
The Flag of the Sunny South*
The Flag's Come Back to Tennessee
The Flag of Columbia
The Flag of the Constellation*
The Gallant Twenty-Eighth
The Girl I Left Behind Me
(Sequenced by John Renfro Davis)
The Grant Pill*
The Green Flag
(Sequenced by Brian Hicks)
The Greybacks So Tenderly Clinging
The Harp That Once Thru Tara's Halls
The Invalid Corps
(Sequenced by Dayle K.)
The Irish Brigade
The Irishnman's Shanty
NEW!" The Keystone Brigade
The Last Rose of Summer*
The Liberty Ball
The March of the Cameron Men
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
The Maryland Guard Galop*
The Mermaid
(Sequenced by Leslie Nelson)
The Merrill's Horse*
The Minstrel Boy
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
The Negro Boatman's Song
The New Skedaddle*
The New York Volunteer*
The Northern Volunteers*
The Northmen Are Coming
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
NEW!" The Patriotic Contraband
The Rakes of Mallow
(Sequenced by John Renfro Davis)
The Rapids*
NEW!" The Rebels Are Coming
The Risin' O' the Moon
(Sequenced by Barry Taylor)
The Rose of Alabama
The Slave's Consolation*
The Song of the Rebel Signal Corps
NEW!" The South
The South Shall Rise Up Free*
The Southern Wagon
The Star-Spangled Cross and the Pure Field of White*
The Stars and Stripes*
The Upidee Song
(Sequenced by Dayle K.)
The Vacant Chair
The Yankee Man o' War
(Sequenced by Leslie Nelson)
The Yellow Rose of Texas
(Sequenced by Don Carrol)
Think of Your Head in the Morning!
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp*
T'was at the Seige of Vicksburg*


Wait For the Wagons
Way Down in Ca-i-ro
(Sequenced by W. Thomaschewski)
We Are Coming, Father Abraham*
We Are Marching on to Richmond
(Sequenced by Dayle K.)
Whack Row De Dow*
Wha'll Be King But Charlie?
(Sequenced by Leslie Nelson)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
(Sequenced by Brian Hicks)
When This Dreadful War is Ended
When Sherman Marched Down to the Sea*
When You and I Were Young, Maggie*
Who Will Care For Mother Now?
Who Will Save the Left?*
Wild Colonial Boy


Young Eph's Lament*
Young Roddy McCorley*
(Sequenced by Ron Clarke)


Zip Coon*

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