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Missouri Bright Land of the West

Music and lyrics by Harry McCarthy, 1863

"The Civil War: Brother Against Brother, The War Begins",
page 74, Time Life Books

Missouri! Missouri! bright land of the west!
Where the way worn emigrant always found rest,
Who gave to the farmer reward for his toil,
Expended in turning and breaking the soil
Awake to the notes of the bugle and drum,
Awake from your slumber the tyrant hath come!

And swear by your honor your chains shall be riven,
And add your bright star to our flag of eleven.

They fore'd you to join in their unholy fight,
With fire and with sword, with pow'r and with might,
'Gainst father, and brother, and lov'd ones so near,
'Gainst women, and children, and all you hold dear;
They've o'errun soil, insulted your press,
They've murder'd your citizens---shown no redress---


Missouri! Missouri! oh! where thy proud fame?
Free land of the west, thy once cherish'd name,
Now trod in the dust by a despot's command,
Proclaiming his own tyrant law o'er the land;
Brave men of Missouri strike without fear,
McCalloch, and Jackson, and Price are all near.