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Take Your Gun and Go, John

Music and lyrics by H.T. Merrill

1. Don't stop a moment to think, John,
Our country calls, then go.
Don't fear for me nor the children, John,
I'll care for them, you know!
Leave the corn up on the stalk, John,
The fruit upon the tree,
And all our little stores, John,
Yes, leave them all to me.
Then take your gun and go,
Yes, take your gun and go.
For Ruth can drive the oxen, John,
And I can use the hoe.

2. I've heard my grandsire tell, John,
He fought at Bunker Hill
He counted all his life and wealth
His country's off'ring still.
Would I shame the brave old blood, John,
That flow'd on Monmouth plain?
No! Take your gun and go, John,
Tho' I ne'er see you again.


3. The army's short of blankets, John,
Then take this heavy pair,
I spun and wove them when a girl,
And work'd them with great care.
A rose in every corner, John,
And here's my name, you see!
On the cold ground they'll warmer feel,
Because they're made by me.

4. And, John, if God has willed it so,
We ne'er shall meet again,
I'll do the best for the children, John,
In sorrow, want or pain.
On winter nights I'll teach them John,
All that I learned at school,
To love our country, keep her laws,
Obey the Savior's rule.


5. And now good-bye to you, John,
I cannot say Farewell!
We'll hope and pray for the best,John,
His goodness none can tell.
May His arm be round about you, John,
To guard you night and day.
Be our beloved country's shield,
Till war shall pass away.