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January, 1999



Sat, 2 Jan 1999
Amber aka FaerieMorgana
I don't have one :-(

Hey Mark, I love this page....Keep up the great work...I will be back visting this site alot..Say Hi to your wife for me.. Peace Love Happiness and Chocolate... Blessed Be L&L I want the angel you have on this page...I love Angels...

Home of the National College Football Champions, the University of Tenneessee Volunteers!
an UNDEFEATED season, 13 - 0!


Sat, 9 Jan 1999
Samantha Brenchley
South Africa

This site is very interesting and the music is great!! Thanx


Sun, 10 Jan 1999
Johnnie Leann (Songbird)
Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

Just pulled your page address off the Web ring test in my e-mail. glad I did. I really like what I see,Really beautiful. Check out mine when you get a chance. BLESSED BE


Tue, 12 Jan 1999

You have a beautiful page here. I love the costumes in the picture close to the bottom of the screen. Looks like a lot of fun to dress up like that. :) If you find the time one of these days take a stroll down to my site and let me know you care by signing the guestbook.:) Meanwhile have a fantastic day!


Thu, 14 Jan 1999
lori green
winter park, fl

I've really enjoyed visiting your flying pigs, was surprised to see so many, look forward to stopping by again in the future. Keep the flying pigs coming.


Thu, 14 Jan 1999
tampa, Florida

very fun and informative site. cant wait to read more blessed be


Wed, 20 Jan 1999
To those who love me, Shelby
Soon, soon... very, very soon, Knoxville I am again. I bet you can't believe I am signing this thing... again. LOL... Oh well, call me obsessive. I like the new layout of the page. Bravo, bravo *cheering*. (hey, it is late... don't make fun of me) Feel free to delete this entry at will... :) *hugs* and all my love. :)


Fri, 22 Jan 1999
Lawrence Wade Lawson
Born in San Francisco, Calif. 1935

I am in search of my family relatives. My father is James Yeatman Lawson born in Val Dosta, Georgia. This lost sheep would be delighted to find any relatives.


Mon, 25 Jan 1999



Wed, 27 Jan 1999
"Zack, Emie & Wendy"

Absolutely awesome site! Great job!


Fri, 29 Jan 1999

WOW very nice set up you have in here i enjoyed my stay i shall return
I invite you to my Place to see the Light

keep up the good work!!!


Sun, 31 Jan 1999
Cal Rains
Daytona Beach, Florida

A beautiful website. Thank you for sharing.


February, 1999



Tue, 2 Feb 1999
Malcolm Ford
Queensland, Australia

Nice Page, and I like the setup. I am only a volute collecter and I collect a lot of material myself


Wed, 3 Feb 1999
Dodey Manley
Mandan, North Dakota

I love this page!! I have been a fan of flying pigs and collecting them for a few years now. I started when I fought my way out of a serious mental illness. One day I realized pigs can fly when I received an achievement award from my employer! Thanks!!


Thu, 4 Feb 1999
Carolyn D. Parsons
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Originally from Newfoundland, Canada

I like your page. It's very creative. I'm a poet. I'm in the process of writing a book. I am hopeful to publish it someday. Your poems are wonderful. I enjoyed reading them. Maybe someday you'll see my name in the "LIGHTS". Take Care.


Sat, 6 Feb 1999

I had a wonderfull visit. Thank you for opening your doors up to me.

visit me in


Mon, 8 Feb 1999
Western North Carolina

It's good to know that there are other's out there that have the same feelings as this. Thank you!


Tue, 9 Feb 1999
Christopher Braden (Puck)
Knoxville, Tn.

Hi Mariah and Mark, couldn't find any other way to get ahold of you, so I figured out how to get into the school's computer. Just dropping some lines to say "high" Mariah. Oh well, gotta go to class. Talk to you later. LOL


Tue, 9 Feb 1999
Shelby *giggle*
ummm. Tomorrow, Knoxville

Just thought I would leave one last message here before you both get to see me all the time and I drive you all crazy. ;) I just looked at the surname page... wow. That is a LOT of names. Well, I better run. Talk to you both later tonight, and SEE you both tomorrow. :)


Tue, 9 Feb 1999
Susan Helene
Yakima, Washington

Hello Mariah, Thank you for the tour of your splendid pages. My Award is on it's way to you. Congratulations!


Thu, 11 Feb 1999
Nancye Duhon
Gueydan, Louisiana

This is an extremely nice site. I will bookmark it.


Mon, 15 Feb 1999
Dorothy 'corky' Pauley
Mount Vernon, OH USA

Loved your website. I'm really new to the net, but when I got into the flying pigs, I couldn't leave until I had read each page. I also like Stephen King but I missed the second night of Storm of the Century to look you over. Thank you for a very enjoyable evening. Going to get my sister on it tomorrow night.


Sat, 20 Feb 1999
Laura Hutchens
Norman, Oklahoma

Well Met Mark and Mariah! I know this was my pentence but what a truly deliteful one! I think I will do it again tomorrow! LOL Thank you for the love and light and I am so pleased with your lovely and love filled site. LOL I really didn't realize until I visited this site that you were serious about the Civil War thing in last post Mark! LOL Thank you again for the quick spirit lift.--another Favorite place for me to go!


Sat, 20 Feb 1999
Fred McGehee
Glendora CA-USA

A terrific site.
Very interesting and engaging. I am a teacher venturing into the world of shells with my third grade class.


Sun, 21 Feb 1999
Rhode Island

Well I'm happy to see my cows are so happy. I checked out the genealogy pages and didn't see any direct reference to New England but... if you ever have any spare time... I have a suggestion - Now Mark-cover your ears, er, eyes as the case may be. Mariah why not make a page about the 13 rellies of yours who landed in Plymouth? I bet they have an interesting story. I'd like to read it. Okay, I'm done, you can look again, oh rebelious one. Anyway, I just dropped by to let you know I've added you to my Award Winners page on the Spirit of New England Webring pages. This isn't just lip service - I truly love your site.


Mon, 22 Feb 1999
Joel Beaudin
Missoula, Montana

Nice Pictures!! My wife would love the pansy's!!


Thu, 25 Feb 1999
Sabah, Borneo (Malaysia)

Attractive Website !


Sun, 28 Feb 1999
Southwest VA (2 hrs from Knoxville)

Found your page by accident and really enjoyed it. You must be a very interesting couple. I'll bet there is never any boring conversation with your friends! Will check back in. SW Virginia Couple


March, 1999


Thu, 4 Mar 1999
Amanda Killick

Good to have found a site where you can download faceting diagrams many thanks


Sat, 6 Mar 1999
tommy powers

enjoyed the game(i lost). very cool friend steve biddle turned me on to it..thanks,steve!


Mon, 8 Mar 1999
chris braden
knoxville, Tn

Hey Mark And Mariah! Just letting you know that I now have an e-mail address. It is I tried to drop you an e-mail, but the damnable computer can't find the server, so sorry. I'll try to stop by later and see you if I can. Love ya, bye-bye.


Mon, 29 Mar 1999

I think this is one of the best sites that I've come across in ages. I believe in PIGS WITH WINGS AND ALL MAGICAL THINGS! Thank you very much. You made my day!!!!!!


Tue, 30 Mar 1999
Adriane Z
Eve or Micro-organisms, you pick

This site is very fun to explore and is very creative!! Good luck to you in all future endeavors and enjoy life!


Tue, 30 Mar 1999
Al Frankl

I am a gemcutter just looking for related subjects about cutting and rough
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