June, 1998


Wed, 03 Jun 1998
Sherrie Winstead

I noticed you have an Elizabeth Lawson b.1848.Daughter of Hiram & Sarah Casteel-Lawson. My ggrandmother was Elizabeth Lawson b.9/13/1849 in Hawkins Co.,TN. m. to Mahlon Winstead Sr. Do you think that your Elizabeth & my Elizabeth are the same people? Any Help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.


Thu, 04 Jun 1998
ross mayhew.

Hope you are fine. Can you do some web-site development for me, on a trading-for-shells basis?? I would be generous.


Thu, 4 Jun 1998
Rhonda Woolworth

Love the frog.


Tue, 9 Jun 1998
Fremont, California, USA
Pumpkin B@aol.com

A friend told me pigs could fly and I didn't believe him. He asked me for something and I told him "When pigs fly" now am I in trouble.!!! It is wonderful and I have laughed until I cried. Now I am a believer!!! Thank so much


Sat, 20 Jun 1998

Very nice page! (or should I say pages!!) Thanks to your pages was able to get back in touch with Selena Fox and the crew at Circle.. and that been too long overdue. Do you have sound capabilities? If so, check out David Arkenstone page at www.arkensounds.com His newest cd is called THE CELTIC BOOK OF DAYS. and is really very very good. It also has a list of his other works.


Thu, 25 Jun 1998
Daniel E. Schultz

Your flying pig links page is a treasured recent find of mine while surfing... and I have just ordered some pig-shaped pasta from the When Pigs Fly Emporium, mentioning your site as the contact souce for them. I am also fumbling along with Joseph Wu's origami... I would also like to submit a portion of my web site for consideration to be added to your flying pig resources list. Hope it meets with your approval!

Capital city of a state of mind where pigs can fly!


Sun, 28 Jun 1998

Impressive. More power to you. I'm glad Mark invited me to visit.


Tue, 30 Jun 1998

There is no other actor that can take the place of John Wayne My favorite passage is from "The Cowboys" which is "Big mouths don't make big men" My son has been the receiver of that one. I am interested in White Witchcraft. I have several books on that subject but I am too chicken to press forth on them. You folks have a lot of interests which keep you alll busy, carry on and enjoy.


June, 1998


Fri, 3 Jul 1998

A visitor to my office today noticed a shell on my desk and suggested it might be an excellent specimen of a fairly rare shell commonly called the "alphabet shell". (He's familiar with Florida Gulf Coast shells.) Would you happen to know the scientific name of this shell and/or have a photo of one? Thanks for your help.


Sun, 5 Jul 1998
Raven Gilmartin

Wow! What a fabulous collection of pages. I am very impressed! I will bookmark and visit again.Bright BlessingsLady Raven


Tue, 7 Jul 1998
Laura Kilgore
Kingsport., Tennessee, USA

I have really enjoyed ur page and it looks great.


Sun, 12 Jul 1998
Arthur A. Elwell

I ran across your website while doing some surfing........I've been play'in with my family genealogy for sometime now and on the Elwell branch I seem to run into a wall.........I can't find any information on the Elwell family prior to Robert Elwell and that he came from Stoke Abbott Parish, Dorset, England about 1630...........Do you have any additional information that would be of help. I would appreciate any help you can give me.


Thu, 16 Jul 1998
Sh Jones

Oh my... I just went to your site, and am I amazed. Haha. Very very beautiful, and sooooooooo many flying pigs on my screen, I almost fainted. Thank you for visiting my site, and boy oh boy, I wonder if I can apply for your new award, it looks splendid, and beautiful of course.


Fri, 17 Jul 1998
Helmut Nisters
Innsbruck / Austria

Your homepage is very nice. My homepage instead for the moment sorry only available in German. But in september I am going to extend my homepage in English and with some photos on shells.


Tue, 21 Jul 1998
Damara Edana
Indiana, USA

Merry meet friends!! We are also looking into starting a poly ring. A very small one. We(hubby and I) are also Pagan/Wiccan. You have a very nice page. I would be more than willing to send pics of us if you are interested


Tue, 21 Jul 1998
Jennifer Harrigan

Just looking for ideas for my web page project at school. I am trying to create a family tree for the project. The pages won't be there for very long (add one more html at the end. Like your site!


Tue, 21 Jul 1998
Darla Lawson Davies

I have just started researching some on my family tree. My father has given me a rough draft of a family tree but we are not sure that some of the information is correct. I was just wondering if you had any ancestors from Craighead county, Arkansas? I have some information that takes me to there in around the late 1820's to the early 1840's maybe. The info that I have is not very date friendly. 95% is just guesstimates of times nothing concrete. Thanks for sharing your Tree.


Wed, 22 Jul 1998
Susan Hammond

Hi! I somehow stumbled upon your information and homepage while doing some Griffith family genealogy. I am descended from the Quaker Griffiths of Gwynedd, PA , the Kings of Gwynedd in Wales and the kings of Dublin, Leinster, Ireland, etc. Gormflaaeth Mac Finn who married Brian Boru was my many greats grandma.Apparently her son by a previous marriage, Sihtric Silkbeard of Dublin, then married Boru's daughter, Slani.Thank you--your info was valuable.So, are we related? Thanks!


Wed, 22 Jul 1998
Angela Lester

hi! I am so sorry to bother you but I am looking for a web site that has the full name of the Eighth King of France. If you could help in any way I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you fro your time.


Sat, 25 Jul 1998 22:56:55 -0400
Ron La Susa

My family name isLa Susa. I have wondered if there is some connection to the piedmont area of Italy(Valle de Susa]. My father family is from Scilily near Palermo. Can you help me with this.


.. Thu, 30 Jul 1998 19:52:05 EDT
Markus Potter
http://www.csf.org/">The California Shakespeare Festival Home Page

Hi, I am a bay area actor with the California Shakespeare festival. I start rehearsals for Richard 3 In August. I am playing none other than Rivers. I was doing research on him, and came across this website. Can you recommend ways in which I might go about researching your ancestor? Any help or info you might have would be great! If you are near the Bay Area, I could arrange comps. Thanks alot!


Thu, 30 Jul 1998
Crystal Dragoness

Merry Meet I am still enjoying your page, thank you for putting it in place..... heheeh off to the reeactment segment, Your Sister in Love and Light


August, 1998


Sat, 1 Aug 1998
Jacy, Dave & Evelyn

Very nice site...great graphics (in fact I saved some for me)!!


Sat, 01 Aug 1998
Carl Hutchinson

I found this site by accident and don't have much time now to check it out. WILL BE BACK LATER! I have a number of ancestors in common with you.

Sun, 2 Aug 1998
Ray Kreig
Anchorage Alaska

I am a descendent of Stephen Deane. Thank you for posting your information!I learned form your site that ancestor William Twinning tried to come over with the Mayflower on the "Speedwell".


Mon, 3 Aug 1998
Aurelia Rocha
Austin, Texas

Nice page! Keep up the good work! Blessed Be!


Mon, 3 Aug 1998
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I think your site is brilliant. I'm a pagan, bisexual, and polyamorous. I have a goth website but, I'm thinking about changing it.


Thu, 6 Aug 1998
dorothy webb
carolina beach nc

avid collector 10 yrs...mostly mid and south atlantic will be traveling to costa rica 8-15 .... curious about what to expect on both carribean and pacific coasts ... any good shelling sites???? .... any info would be appreciated .....


Fri, 07 Aug 1998
Queensland, Australia

Hi! I think you have an excellent website.I enjoyed my visit.


Fri, 7 Aug 1998

Very nice page- I've enjoyed my visit very much. I only wish you'd warned me not to come here on an empty stomach *L*


Sun, 9 Aug 1998

Fantastic site! I stumbled across your surname site for your family! What an incredible work? How long did it take you to do this? I was searching for the names Bellewe and Merrick and that is how I found your site. I am just speechless that one family could go back so many many generations!


Mon, 10 Aug 1998
Knoxville, TN

Hi guys! Great page. I've been meaning to wander in here for quite some time, but never did. Now I wonder why the heck not. :-) Come visit my humble little abode sometime if you get the chance.


Tue, 11 Aug 1998
Exotic Brooklyn,NY...USA

Merry Meet, ~Happy Lammas~…I really enjoyed my stay at your site. "Within each soul's heart, The flame of the eternal spirit dwells, It's light knows no boundaries, Filling all space and time. No space and no time, With the transcendent joy, Of love and life…" I am a solitary Celtic witch,and welcome you to visit my home…


Thu, 13 Aug 1998
Suzanne Struik

Hi there, Loved your site, such nice quotes and music (It was a nice surprice to find someone enjoying the Phantom and Paggan beliefs at the same time.


Fri, 14 Aug 1998


Very well done site - definitely worthy an award!


Fri, 14 Aug 1998
Nicholas Frank
The North

Thank you for visiting my page. I will be adding your page to my link section.


Sat, 22 Aug 1998
Shadow Stryder
Everywhere U.S.A.

Finished going through the pages, and I must say that this is one of the best put together sites I have come accross. BB, and I look forward to visiting here fairly often.


Sun, 23 Aug 1998
shirley browning
ohio usa

Merry Meet BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL! Very nice !!!!!!!!!!


Sat, 29 Aug 1998

Hi Read your post of the lovelist and thought I would check out your homepage. Its really cool. :) Love ya PS. love the background on your sign guestbook page. :)


Sun, 30 Aug 1998
Norfolk, VA

Great creative, imaginative website! Super recipes! Thanks!!!


Mon, 31 Aug 98
Darrin Vail SilverStone

I also live in the Knoxville area. I have not studied as much as I would like and still feel rather like a child in the craft. I am always seeking to learn, Blessings to you>


September, 1998


Tue, 1 Sep 1998
Nina Gail Silver
Worthington, Massachusetts (soon to move)

Like the recipes, I will be savoring portions of your web site a little at a time. This is one of the most enjoyable, intelligently written, and visually pleasing web sites I have seen in my (so far) limited journeys on the web. By the way, I have been channeling and casting my own rituals for over 20 years. It's great to meet other pagan folks here. Blessings, light and happiness to you all,


Wed, 2 Sep 1998
chatanooga tn

i just moved here to chat from knoxville about a mounth ago but i keep traveling back and forth mostly bacause alot of my freinds are still in knoxville one you may know is brian the owner of the elven door if you do then tell him i said hi anyway my name is shade really brent and i like your page, it does me good to see more and more pagans out in the net this is a very cool thing


Fri, 04 Sep 1998
Ichirou Kataoka

I would be honored to have you display one of my awards on your page.


Fri, 4 Sep 1998

mensa and mason:.


Sat, 5 Sep 1998
Jackie W.Strickland

Great page! I really liked the music.Thanks for a Great site.DeoVindice!


Tue, 8 Sep 1998

Great page , you have to be proud of it .. best wishes.


Wed, 9 Sep 1998
E. J. Bisch
Ft.Pierce, Fl.

Darndest site I've ever seen...very amusing. Beautiful animated graphics.

Wed, 9 Sep 1998
Roy Cronkhite
Livermore Falls, ME

Very Nice Site


Wed, 9 Sep 1998
Lena Sanchez
Chino Valley, Arizona, USA

Great place to relax and just enjoy!


Wed, 9 Sep 1998
Kate Walker
: here

Find some flying cows.


Mon, 14 Sep 1998

great web site,can i borrow some of your animations, for my web page?


Mon, 14 Sep 1998
Ray Bettinger
Cincinnati (Porkopolis)

Definitely COOL !


Wed, 16 Sep 1998
Crystal Nolen

This is a great site!


Wed, 16 Sep 1998
Sarah Watson aka The Snail
Washington D.C., USA

What a beautiful site.


Sun, 20 Sep 1998
Yucatan, Mexico

This is Adriana i´m a 6 years old, i like shells and i would like to trade some, i live in mexico at the caribean, if your intresting please write me. thanks.


Mon, 21 Sep 1998
Nyx Wolfwalker
Ontario Canada

Intersting site ya have there...will visite again very soon. Come and veiw my site if you please.


Mon, 21 Sep 1998
Glenn Morgan
Brisbane, Australia

Very good page. I am a faceter and found it very interesting.


Thu, 24 Sep 1998
Herbal Poet
North Carolina, USA

Maery Meet! I truly enjoyed my visit to this site and I plan to come back again. You have made a great site and I love it. May the Lord and Lady bless you and yours. Love and Light.


Thu, 24 Sep 1998

Just visiting a fellow poly page. Wanted to wave a friendly hello... "helloooooo" :)


Sat, 26 Sep 1998

Greetings...What a lovely webhome you have here, I spent so much time here that I cannot even remember how I wandered in. Lots of information and nice graphix...a true gem of the net!


Sun, 27 Sep 1998
Dragon Wolf
Phoenix, AZ

Hello and Merry Meet! I really enjoyed your site and I will be back again :) Blessed Be to all!


Mon, 28 Sep 1998
Yorba Linda, CA USA

Fabulous site! Graphics and backgrounds are wonderful.


Wed, 30 Sep 1998
Tidewater, VA

We are just beginning to be involved with polyamory. We have finally met a couple we want to have a permanent relationship with. We love them and they love us and we have no boundarys set on our foursome, except fidelity to ourselves alone. We have not really been in contact with anyone else in the same situation. We are 2X male/female couples. Straight for the males and not sure for the females as of yet. Would like to correspond with others who are in the same situation. Thanks



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