January, 1998


Fri, 2 Jan 1998
Bob Albrecht
Amity, Oregon

I like your web page. Polyamory is the way!


Fri, 2 Jan 1998



Sat, 3 Jan 1998
Jackie Price Bradford Worden
Jacksonville, Fl

I have just recently started looking up my geneology and was wondering if you have any information concerning a Lawson family from northern Michigan, acutaly my grand mothers name was Verl Grenier Lawson Bishaw


Sat, 3 Jan 1998
Michelle M. Barnette
Renton, Washington

Tis a pleasure to know that you are also into geneology. I first visited your home page via a link in an email from a friend (soon to be poly-spouse), Tony (tcalot@hotmail.com


Fri, 9 Jan 1998
James Bradley

Yes indeed, very good and humorous at times. "I shall return"


Sun, 11 Jan 1998
San Deigo, California

This place kicks ass. I love almost all of it. Need some spells though.


Sun, 11 Jan 1998
Edgar Bradford

One of the best Wiccan/Pagan sites I've seen.


Wed, 14 Jan 1998
Portsmouth, England

Hail and well met! I am in fact Phil, Freya's lover. Be cool my brother! I am Freya's apprentice and it's cool. Congrats on having a really useful page.


Mon, 12 Jan 1998
Kathy Coldiron

I"m looking foy Lawson in KY. My father's name was William C. Lawson, his father's name was Henry Clay Lawson he married Caley{Dalton} Lawson she was born 03-10-1885 DOD:12-12-1944 they had 12or13 children. They was from KY.


Wed, 14 Jan 1998
John H. Powell
Wisconsin in summer/Florida in Winter

I enjoy walking the beaches of Florida and find lots of shells, most are common, but find a unusual one once in awhile. Will trade, e-mail want list for Florida shells and I will see what I have. Thanks!


Wed, 14 Jan 1998
Christa Lawson
Cincinnati, Ohio

I am not writing from my computer, that is why I do not have an email address. I started researching my ancestry last year, so I have not gotten very far. It is so much harder than I imagined. It gives me hope that so many others are digging up their past as well,and seem to be doing a great job. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us.


Thu, 15 Jan 1998
Zoltan Peter Eross
Hungary, Budapest

Very nice!


Thu, 15 Jan 1998
Alberto Cifuentes Torr:es
Vigo, Galiza, España

Thanks- Gracias.


Thu, 15 Jan 1998
Port Orchard Washington

Just a quick line from the coven of the midnight crystal to say hello. We are based in Port Orchard Wa. We do not have a web page yet but soon. Hope to hear more about you in the days to come.


Fri, 16 Jan 1998
Moira Scott
Toronto, Canada

Hail and well met! I just happened by your page by accident while researching different pagan traditions for a class I am going to teach. Most enjoyable! May I have your permission to add you to my links page? It's good to see a website with lots of resources that doesn't take an age to load! Keep up the good work and blessed be!


Sat, 17 Jan 1998 11
Robert Kestenbaum
Long Beach, CA (currently in Bosnia)

one of the finest pages for information on paganism and Wicca. I have been recently enlightened to the strength of the Goddess and the Spirits of Nature. I basically follow Native beliefs (I come from a Blackfoot/Choctaw/Irish background). Being in Bosnia as a member of the National Guard, I do not have any books or materials. Right now, things are pretty dreary, depressing, and tense for the political situation. If it's possible, could you send me any spells or reading material that might help the situation here and my situation as far as the constant frustation and helplessness. My address is

SPC Robert Kestenbaum
F Btry 144th FA
Eagle Base OJG
APO, AE 09789

Thank you for the information that I did get and peace be unto you.


Sun, 18 Jan 1998
Bill Evans
Palm Harbor Florida

My Grandfather was a William Lawson of Whitley county Kentucky. I am just now looking into our family history I am very happt to be related to such a great family as the Lawsons.


Sun, 18 Jan 1998
Nancy Crusan
Inverness, Florida

Absolutely loved your site. I have passed it on to many of my other friends who own pigs, so they may also help in the data collecting of flying pigs!

Emma Louise

This is a most wonderful sight, I had a great time reading about those flying pigs and will be on the lookout here in Florida for their migration to Key West. Please keep me posted. I have passed on your site to my potbellied pig chatlist. You will have many more admirers of such a fine page. ome see my pigs, so far I have seen no wings, but you never know. .

. . Nancy


Sun, 18 Jan 1998
Tom & Vicki

WOW!! all I can say right now, reading those words by Ms Flyingheart really shook me! Again thanks for the nice site!


Mon, 19 Jan 1998

You folks act as tho flying pigs were something new. Puleeze! Don't you know that several flew down and landed on the Ark after the flood?! Of course only one male and one female remained on board. The rest flew, well we don't know where they flew. What we do know is there are still flying pigs!


Mon, 19 Jan 1998 Norma J. Fritz
Norfolk, Virginia

Found your web page by accident. Very interesting. I am presently researching a Rachel LAWSON, born 02 April 1800, possibly in NY. Married Jeremiah NEWVILLE ca 1816. Jeremiah was born in Albany, NY. Rachel died 09January 1887 in Vernon Co., WS Anyone out there have any information on these two. Would be most appreciative.


Mon, 19 Jan 1998
Beth Drumheller
West Virginia
MailExcite (http://www.mailexcite.com)<

Hi, This is from Beth. I met you at Avalon last summer. By the way they are having another Folk Fest in Aug. Might see you there. I just wanted you to know that I was telling a friend about your site (he doesn't have a computer) and I read him the Communications Checklist (this was about 6 months ago). He was looking for it and called to ask me if I could find it again. So I did. Thought you'd like to know that it's really made an impression. Take care.


Thu, 22 Jan 1998
Aradia Ravensign

I'm a solitary wiccan , there are not a whole lot of wiccan's (or maybe I just haven't meet the right people) in my town. even though it is some what considered a metropolitian area. I've been studing for about 1 1/2 years and love to see a wonderful site with lots of info.


Thu, 22 Jan 1998
Ragan Rooks
FT. WORTH, Texas

I can not find my familytree where do I look ? Please help me my famliy. I do not know much about them or where there from Some say They were from england .


Fri, 23 Jan 1998
Karen Standish
Kansas City, Missouri

I too have several of the people on your surname list. Very excited to see this. Hope that I can verify these.


Sat, 24 Jan 1998
Tony Seddon
Creston, Iowa

I've been trying to get some information on the Seddon name. Thank you for your web page it has helped me to try and get a start. Any other information you could provide or help me with would be greatly appriceated. Thanks Again


Tue, 27 Jan 1998
Philippe Quiquandon

hello , I like very much your web pages. You can find all what you want on my web site : www.shellspassion.com there is courant species to ultra rare specimens in a lot of family and if you need some informations you can contact me by email. It will be a pleasure for me, best regards


Wed, 28 Jan 1998
Rob Ives

Flying pig sighting!
spotted on the Flying Pig Gallery website!
I can't seem to get through to your website. It half loads then crashes out with an error message. Also, the internet address you give in your signature file has a / missing - http:/www instead of http://www just thought I'd mention it. I had a major spelling mistake in my signature for a-g-e-s - how embarassing!

best wishes


Thu, 29 Jan 1998
Bruce Watson

I was just on your Web page and I was tickled to find that it talked about Ehler's Danlose Syndrome. I also have this syndrome, as does my mother, and lately I've been very frustrated with the condition -- I hurt some tendons in my wrist a week and a half ago, and I'm still sore today. So I thought I'd do a search for "Danlose" on the Web, hoping to turn up some information that would help me. Unfortunately, yours was the only Web page found by HotBot. Rats! (But imagine how surprised I was to find *poems* about the disease. Wow!) Let's share experiences. What symptoms do you have? Have you found anything -- medication, herbal remedy, physical therapy technique -- that helps you?


Thu, 29 Jan 1998
Joshua Lawson
Kingsport, Tennessee

Greetings, My name is JOshua Lawson and I am from the Kingsport TN area. I was just released from the navy and came back home and have been in search of anyone in the area with the same beliefs as myself. I have only been practicing wicca for about 6 months and at this point need all the help I can get in learning more. Well I must go for right now and I hope to hear from you soon since I have had pretty much no luck in finding someone to even respond to any of my emails. Well until next time Blessed Be


Fri, 30 Jan 1998
Robert W. Farrell
Knoxville, Tennessee

My grandfather was Jessie R. Farrell and my great grandfather was Richard William Farrell who was married to Mary Ann Keirsey. Glad to find you.


Fri, 30 Jan 1998
Adam Di Pasquale

I am interested in finding out about my family tree. My fathers name was Anthony Di Pasquale and my mothers maiden name was Marie Ethel Blondeman. I would like to try and find more information on my family. Please e-mail me with more information on how I may search. Thanks


Fri, 30 Jan 1998
Bernadette J. Santiago
University of the Philippines Diliman

Nice shell page!


February, 1998


Sun, 01 Feb 1998

i need to find a high priestess or priest i can talk to. please, i've been in wicca a very long time but still i am unclear on certain things just need a chance to ask a few questions and get them explained to me. If there is anyway this will be possible, please e-mail me back. much thanks and bright blessings,


Sun, 1 Feb 1998
Jessica Santiago
Tampa, Florida


Sun, 1 Feb 1998
David M. Webb

Merry meet!
I am a very new Pagan and I have been looking through some web sites and I have noticed references to dragons, faeries, etc. My question is: Are these creatures in the religion? Thank you for taking the time to read this. I amstill reading up on the religion and I thought I would ask you. Blessed Be... Wild Wolf


Tue, 03 Feb 98
Krupa Gabrielle

I'm sorry to say my computer will not let me access anything other then your main page, but you did offer personal help, and help I need. If you could find the time to answer me, I'd be forever grateful, since I cannot find a source anywhere. I am trying to find my 'true' name. I had a vision quest long time ago, and the name was revealed to me in the english language. Now, my problem is, the ORIGINAL language of that name, or so I was told, the REAL me, lies in the Arapaho nation. All books tell me they are extinght, and my ways of search, being in Germany, are limited as it is. I am alone. If you had any advise, or know of people who might be willing to help in my quest, I could not thank you enough. Blessed Be


Wed, 11 Feb 1998 00:56:41 EST
Nick Krekel
Decatur, Illinois

My name is rNck Krekel . Aare we related ? And also Iam looking for a cousin Tim Krekel, dont know where he lives. He is a proffesional guitar player, he played for the Jimmy Buffet band and also has wrote songs for Martina McNride. I live in Decatur, Illinois and my fathers' name is Bill and his dad was named Fred and his wife name was Mary Can you help?Thanks


Wed, 11 Feb 1998
Christine Fensterer

Do you know where I can find information on ivory figures of Rudolph oof Hapsburg? Thanks


Wed, 11 Feb 1998
Debra Weaver

I enjoyed your page & reading about all of you. I have searched extensively for other Pagan/Wiccans near me to communicate with. Thanks for being there. Bright Blessings!


Fri, 13 Feb 1998
Nan Crusan
Inverness, Florida

I wish to report a sighting. On February 11, 1998, when I went out to feed my potbellied pigs, I noticed there were extra piggys in the group, on closer inspection, three pigs leaped up and flew overhead! I ran for my camera, but unfortunately they made a clean escape! They were heading southwest towards Tampa. For several days thereafter, I noticed my potbellied pigs leaping into the air, only to crash back to the ground, I think those flying pigs started something! I will keep you posted.


Fri, 13 Feb 1998
Stef, Percy & Porter Rmont

some more flying pigs for you collection love the page
Beach bums, Babe and two cool dudes
{ICQ 2106108}


Sun, 15 Feb 1998
Rebecca DiNolfi

I really enjoyed your humor about flying pigs,My husband JACK and I have been the proud parients of two Potbellied Pigs. They have both earned their wings by doing animal assisted therapy work at nursing homes, hospitals and special needs schools. They are both girls. Reggie is going to be 5 years old on Feb. 26th. and Pepper will be 4 in July. We have been doing this kind of work for almost 4 years now. Potbellied Pigs are well suited to this kind of work because of there cleanliness and inteligence. This was great......Rebecca and the girls


Sun, 15 Feb 1998
Shaun Guerin
L.A. California

I found you by searching by my last name and I found a "Count guerin." Interesting. I would love to firure out my family tree some time.


Sun, 15 Feb 1998
Doug Hillson
Fairfax Virginia

I have a journal written by James Johnson Jr. Volume II, September 1827 to 1831. My grandfather had the journal in Boston Massachusetts, he was going to throw it out but, my dad decided to keep it. Several years ago, I found it in some of my dad's things. So, I put it in a box and put it in my desk were it has remained for almost ten years. On your web site their was a reference to James Johnson Jr. who lived around the same time as the person who wrote the journal that I have. I am trying to find a place for the journal rather than my house (perhaps a museum would take it), even if this is not the same James Johnson Jr., I thought you might know what I should do with it.

Thank you,
Doug Hillson (age 17)


Sun, 15 Feb 1998

I have John Hoag and all of the other Hoags related to John. his father wassupposed to be Righard Hoag. John Hoag was born about the same time as Ann Hoag in England. Are they related? I have not been able to make the connection to Ann Hoag, wife of Robert Willson.


Mon, 16 Feb 1998
Trevor Jensen
Kamloops BC Canada

Hi! Was searching for the name Scrimgeour and came across your pages. It was interesting as I really believe that Scrimgeour was or is Scrymgeour. Your names and dates are close to the dates for Scrymgeour who had lands at Dudhope where they actually built a castle. Sir Alexander Scrymgeour fought with Robert de Bruce and had a son named Nicholas who married Agnes of Glassery. Actually I'm trying to connect Sir Alexander Scrymgeour (who was mentioned in family history but nothing was but on paper) and Sir Nicholas etc to the late 1400's where we have the tree now. Your comments would be appreciated.


Tue, 17 Feb 1998
Tracy Melzer
Clearwater, Florida

I wish to learn more about wicca. I have read a few books on the subject but all mostly have said the something, that wicca is not worshiping the devil. I would like to know more about the gods and goddess. I would also like to know more about the holidays and worshiping of the seasons. I know this is a tall order for such a small person like me but I don't know where else to find such information and my parents aren't much help for they think it is just a fad. I don't believe it to be just a fad and so I a,m trying my best. Thankyou even if you just read my response. P. S. Please send such information to Squeaker so my dad won't erase it .


Tue, 17 Feb 1998
Miles Chandler

you had lots of good info


Wed, 18 Feb 1998
Corinne Diteman
Marysville, Washington
I was just looking around for my pop and found Norton Diteman in your family tree. Noticed he died in 1947. Do you have a location?


Wed, 18 Feb 1998
Marilyn Maxfield King
Edmonds Washington

I have a link to the Coggeshalls too so am filling in data that is missing. You added more for me. One inconsistency though. How can Maud and Margaret be daughters of William when they died in the 1500's? My link starts with Ann Coggeshall who married Peter Easton c. 1643, then goes to Carr, Varney, Estes and Maxfield (one or two others perhaps) hanged "poisoner" to "witch" because of some powerful political enemies who were Wiccan...Great job.


Thu, 19 Feb 1998

Hi. Ip hope this is not too much to ask, but I don't understand how to read the output for the surname search "BRITO". Can you help me understand it. I am curious to know who my ancestors are. I would appreciate it if you can help me. Thank you in advance.


Fri, 20 Feb 1998
Ravenna, Ohio

this is the first time I have ever visited a pagan webpage and I am very impressed. I look forward to visiting it again!


Fri, 20 Feb 1998
Michael James Hatton

I came across this web page and I am interested because I want to know a lot more of my heritage to teach my kid,parents and educate myself do you know of any other web sites that will help me begin my search?


Sat, 21 Feb 1998
Kathleen Crouch (Mystia)
Blairsville, GA

Your web pages are interesting and well designed! Your graphics are elegant, the text content interesting and well worth a revist.


Sun, 22 Feb 1998
Grey WOlf
Mount Joy Pennsylvania

This page is cool.


Sun, 22 Feb 1998
John Bevis
Hobart Tasmania, Australia
Thanks very much for these new patterns.


Sun, 22 Feb 1998
Randi Quackenbush
NYew York

I like your page. It's very imformitive. Keep up the good work. Blessed be.


Sun, 22 Feb 1998
Andrew Peters
Framingham, Massacusetts
. drew11@ix.netcom.com

You have an excellent web page...it is always nice to know of people living their lives with their principles intact.


Mon, 23 Feb 1998
Krystoph & Jean Cantley
Knoxville, Tennessee

I have heard many good things about the both of you and after having spent some time looking arround at web sites I found your E mail link on a Pagan Contacts list. So i thought I would drop you a line to say hello and introduce myself... I am Krystoph of the Cantley family. I live here in knoxville with my Bride- to-be not too far off of Chapman highway. I have been consciously of the pagan path for the past 8 years and continue to learn everyday. I presently work loosely in a small group with three others (soon to be only two due to the moving of a fellow wiccan). I rarely make it a habit of just Emailing any random pagan on the net due to previously poor experiences but you have been noted as good and serious practicioners of your faith and it is like minds that i seek to converse and practice with...I hope to hear from you soon! Merry Part and Blessed Be your path..


Mon, 23 Feb 1998
Robert Andrew King Lawson
Herndon, Virginia

Looking for a Lawson coat of arms??


Mon, 23 Feb 1998
Martie Maryland

Love the page it's really cool. I have some awsome flying pigs story of my own.. I was mad at my ex boyfriend and I didn't want to say a bad word about him for some reason so I said "hat stupid Flying Pig" Now eveyone always calls him that. It's just a name that stuck with him for some reason. But Your page really made me laugh.


Wed, 25 Feb 1998

I have a speech to do on FAITH I am studying many religions and I would like to hear your views on faith, practices and religion. Please write soon. Thank- You for your time. I enjoyed your site very much and am interested in your practice.


Wed, 25 Feb 1998
Denyse Castle
East Tennessee

comments: Just found your site doing some research on becoming a Priestess. Hope things go well for you. Merry Part and Blessed Be~


Thu, 26 Feb 1998
Miranda Hester

members.wbs.net/homepages/m/i/r/miranda&stuff.html hello- I was checking out one of my friends pages and she had a direct link to you guys.I read through your site and it is really cool you have some great recipes too.Iplain on return very soon. -love alway-Miranda Hester ****smooooooooch****


Sat, 28 Feb 1998
Jo Peterson
Peace River, Alberta Canada

Came across this by accident. Will be back later!


Sat, 28 Feb 1998
Pat Richards
Federal Way, Washington

I am just beginning to learn about Wiccan. I am just looking for all the information I can. Thank you!

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