November, 1997


Tue, 11 Nov 1997
Wellsville, Pennsylvania

Somewhere in my past I believe there's a Kersey, because it's continually used in later names. I don't believe you are the tie-in, but I enjoyed the psalm, and thank you. I was beginning to be discouraged, and your page made me laugh!


Fri, 14 Nov 1997

Great page!! I am current reseaching Coyle, and Morrow actively but any and all comments about the other names listed on my homepages are welcome.


Sun, 16 Nov 1997
Teri A. Rhoda
Corning, New York

I am a descendant of Henry Leavenworth, from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. I am trying to do my family tree.


Tue, 18 Nov 1997

We are intrested in poley life with like minded people


Fri, 21 Nov 1997
Paul Monfils

Hi Mariah,
Just poking around on Bret Raines' site, and checking out some of his links, and voila! Here I am on your web page! Very nicely done! I'm one of those dealers who likes to offer the common stuff - who else has over 100 species of Nassariidae? (I tried to E-mail this from your site, but got an error message, so am pasting it into my own E-mail program)


Wed, 26 Nov 1997
Devin Barker
Dover, TN

I am currently working for my first degree in the Craft. I am also pretty near to being a beginner and I would just like to say that I have found your site very helpful to me and very inspiring.THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bright Blessings!


Wed, 26 Nov 1997

Blessed be to all


Wed, 26 Nov 1997
David Harn
Tonasket, WA

Thanx. I was wondering what Polyamory was. Now that I know, I can clearly and openly support it.


Wed, 26 Nov 1997
Sandra D. Johnson(Lawson)
Houston, Texas

Looking to see if I am a Descendant of this Lawson Family. Most of our Family is from Lawson,Mo.>BR>

Wed, 26 Nov 1997
Nashville, Tennessee

M & M,
Hello my name in StarFire and I am part of MoonFire grove, a wiccan trad. based in Nashville, TN. My bases is in Norse shamanism (Northern Star trad) I saw your post and thought I would write.. Please feel free to write and I hope we can talk and share ideas. Blessed Be In Her Name


Thu, 27 Nov 1997
Romelle Fox
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hi, I really like your web page, and will return often to check out the links, but I do have a question that I'm hoping you're willing to answer. I tried to send email, but for some reason, couldn't from the web might just be my server. Who initially brought up polyamory in your marriage? If it was the husband, then how did the wife "deal" with it in the beginning? What was the initial reaction, and how did you two "work it out" so that all were comfortable with this new arrangement in your relationship? If you can, please email a reply, and Blessed Be! :-)


Thu, 27 Nov 1997

I am new to the internet and have discovered wonderful things to explore. I am related to the Lawson's by way of my paternal grandmother, who was a Lawson


Fri, 28 Nov 1997
Albuquerque,New Mexico

Happy Home Page! Am searching ALISON(have them back to 1610 in Scotland),THAYER,THROOP,DANN,MCDONALD,URQUHART,CLELAND,BROWN,HORSBURGH,COONEY,ETC. This preoccupation of mine only gets worse. I can't help but think I would have been better off if I hadn"t gotten into this...better off, but bored.


Sat, 29 Nov 1997
Ingo Kurtz

My interests are exchanging marine shells. I could offer a list of self-collected material.


Sat, 29 Nov 1997

HI, I'm JUST, JUST a beginner, and if anyone reads this and thinks they can give me some tips and advice I would love it...Ihave many questins and hop emaybe some of you can answer them, thanks alot


Sun, 30 Nov 1997
Kathy Coldiron

I'm looking for Henry Clay Lawson, DOB about 1885, DOD about 1955, he married Kaley{Dalton}Lawson, DOB about 1885, DOD 1944,.they had 13 children. They lived in Breathitt County, KY. Thank you , your help would be appreciated.


December, 1997


Mon, 1 Dec 1997
Mobile, Alabama

Blessed be!


Tue, 2 Dec 1997
James Sherman Fraley
Bonaire, Georgia

Looking for my family. Fraley, Harr, Setters, Mullikin, Lawson, Lawhun, Shover


Tue, 2 Dec 1997
Moira Kathleen Coruch (Mystia)
Blairsville, Georgia Great web page! see my email for rest of comments


Wed, 3 Dec 1997
Tony Lawson
Liverpool, England

Just enquiring about where the Lawson name decends from. Any info I would appreciate, thanks.


Thu, 4 Dec 1997
Tony Giannette
Tacoma, Washington

There is a part of our lives that are distraught over the ways of society that my girlfriend and I would like to explore. This is all a new adventure, seeing the reality of science fiction come alive.


Fri, 5 Dec 1997
David S. Corzilius
Rome, New York

I am presently helping with some research on the ancestry of Bonnie J. Kersey of Rome, NY. She is the daughter of Harold Julius Kersey, grand- daughter of Herbert Kersey, and gr-granddaughter of Leander Kersey. Her e-mail address is I/we would be very interested in any information anyone might have on this line and all related lines. Thanks!


Sat, 6 Dec 1997
Rhanda B. Lawson

Hoping for kinfolk. Possibly VERY distant cousins, but still possible. My Lawson's are from West Virginia, I am first gen. Californian back to the early 1700's. My Bailey's are also WV as are my Coon's. I do have Westfall's & Looney's in my line so I wouldn't be suprised if we link up somewhere back there. Oh, there is no genealogy on my homepage yet but it is fun. And if we are kinfolk then at least two of your topics must be genetically linked ) We are pagan and live in a polyamory friendly/practicing household. Hope to hear from you soon. Your just cause'in,


Tue, 9 Dec 1997
Jean R. Hoffman Forest City, North Carolina

(comments) I am a novice in every sense of the word--my brother and his wife are the ones who have done work--but they don't have a computer, so I am trying to get info for them. We have traced back to our GGf Benjamin Franklin Kersey and would like to get information about earlier ancestors.


Tue, 9 Dec 1997
Carole Malone

This is one of the most beautiful web pages I have ever seen. It's apparent you love what you do. I will hope to come back again. Thank you and blessed be! Mera


Wed, 10 Dec 1997
St Vincent College, England

I think that there should be more pages on the Craft and that more people should be aware of us! I also want to say that I am truly blessed to have found a person as wonderful as Phil. He has become my spiritual partner, and may the Lady and the Lord watch over us. Blessed Be!


Fri, 12 Dec 1997
Aurora Moonshadow
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Your page really touched my soul! I have been a practicing Wiccan for about 3 years, and this page says everything my heart would want to say. The design is absolutely beautiful! Blessed be sister!


Fri, 12 Dec 1997
Tampa, Florida

Hi, I have been interested in Wicca for about five years. I am a sole practitioner. I need help with spells. Can you suggest a good book that contains mostly spells?


Sun, 14 Dec 1997
John Edw. Bartley, III
Portland, Oregon

Very nice page - like the images and layout. Gives me a good sense of who you are and what y'all about.


Mon, 15 Dec 1997
New Orleans, Louisiana

I loved your page, especially the piece by Mariah Flyingheart. Please let me know when you change/update it. Thanks.


Tue, 16 Dec 1997
Lilith Silverhair
Cochranton, Pennsylvania

Wow, while searching for poly sites, I also came to a pagan one. Super! Wonderful info, I'll be coming back to take it all in.


Thu, 18 Dec 1997
Roma Egorov
Moscow, Russia

Many thanks for nice site!!!


Fri, 19 Dec 1997

This is a really good page. I'm only just getting into wicca and this has been really helpful. thanks!


Sun, 21 Dec 1997
Robyn & Dennis
Knoxville, Tennessere

It' good to see you all are doing Ok. I lost touch with a lot of people over the past few years. I really enjoyed your webpage...


Tue, 23 Dec 1997
Dahlia Magk
Knoxville, Tennessee

I thought that you web site was great! It is a good way for people to connect with other pagans of like-mind. Keep up the good work....Blessed Be!



Thu, 25 Dec 1997
Papa Crow

Your web site has been nominated for and selected to recieve the Tennessee Witches' "Preferred Pagan Website Award". Awarded to Wiccan/Pagan websites that have reached a level of superior quality in regards to presentation, originality and content. This award is a token of appreciation for the many long hours of work that go into developing a website of this quality and to the Webmaster for sharing their efforts and knowledge with us all. Thanks again for all your work!


Thu, 25 Dec 1997
Barbara (Bobbi) Jo Kers
ey Scottsburg, Indiana

Just surfin', lookin' for geneaology sites


Mon, 29 Dec 1997
The Flying Pig
from the air of course

I am very pleased to see that you have donated an entire page to me. I am sad to say that us flying pigs don't get the media attention that we deserve. Keep on watching for us!!!


Tue, 30 Dec 1997
Steve & Sandie Biddle
Petersburg, PA

We're a husband/wife team specializing in radio commercial copywriting and production. The name of our company is Flying Pig Creative Services. We surfed into your site while we were doing a periodic check for our fellow flying pigs. Flying pigs are, of course, real. And we can prove it.


Tue, 30 Dec 1997
James H. Mauldin
El Reno, Oklahoma

I have records that indicate that my Great-Grandfather, who had the same name as mine, was a member of the 8th Tenessee Volunteers. I would very much like to find out more about his unit and or any of the things that your organization is doing. I am writing this e-mail from my machine at work (, but can also send and receive from my home machine ( I will be looking forward to hearing from you.


Wed, 31 Dec 1997
Monica Puterbaugh
Alexandria, Virginia

I am from the Lawson line in SW Virginia.

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