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if you can't make it down here to Cumberland, Maryland to enjoy our Ribs, give us a call toll-free at 1(866) PIGSFLY, and we'll send them to you.


Many events come and go in our lives, but some will only happen

"when pigs fly"

Television commercials for prescription medicines won't have a disclaimer near the end of the ad stating that "some people will experience side effects such as nausea, headaches, loss of hearing, heart failure, an uncontrollable desire to dance naked in Yankee Stadium during the National Anthem", etc.

Speaking of television, pigs will fly when the networks don't start re-runs 4 weeks into the new season.

Pigs will fly when you don't run have a surprise meeting with your boss after having garlic bread at lunch thinking that your afternoon schedule was clear

Pigs will fly when your hairdresser understands you when you say "just trim it up a bit" and you don't end up looking like you just signed up for the Marines

Pigs will fly when your little darling that is still in diapers won't poop immediately after you have just changed them

Pigs will fly when everyone in the family likes what you just cooked for dinner

Pigs will fly when you receive a forwarded email that doesn't require reading through a zillion email addresses of all the other people who also received the same email

Pigs will fly when you don't sit so long in a drive-thru at the local fast food joint that they offer free oil changes with your fries

Pigs will fly when the video you just rented isn't also on TV the same night for free

Pigs will fly when your sweetie who just put on a new dress doesn't ask you "do I look fat in this?"


Overhead a murky sky is filled with strange winged pigs with long twisting tails. Huge plants with long leaves clutter the landscape. Giant ferns and mosses dwarf you. Huge trids lumber slowly thru the vegetation crushing Rammoth plants under their huge splayed feet. Bloated flippered pigs paddle slowly thru muddy green waters while towering pigosauruses stretch their long necks to feed on the topmost branches of cyclads.
You are in the PIGASTORIC WORLD. The tranquil scene is suddenly shattered by an earth shaking squeal. Baconflies with sparkling wings scatter out of the greenery. Bloated pigs disappear under the surface of green slime. Little long-legged piggys run, squeaking, past your legs. The dreaded Pigosaurus Rex is stomping this way.

You can...
jump into the nearest hole
dig a hole until you escape
throw a spell
talk to him
stay and try to fight him

Go play and see...

A site full of more pigs yet!


Page Works has some great animations to use on your pages...

The Flying Pigs QRP Club, International is a listing of ham radio operators anywhere within 12,000 nautical miles of Cincinnati, Ohio!

These lovely piggies may be found HERE for sale!

You folks in England might like to visit these "Flying Pigs",

The Gillingham Trotters Running Club

This Pig Gargoyle is 7" tall for $38.00.

Color is Brown stone.

Indoor, Hydrocal. Made in California.

The Pig Garoyle has been retired -- and will not be available after existing stock is sold...


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