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Winged Pigtory

Wings Of Hope

Welcome to a little piece of "Hog Heaven" with When Pigs Fly! This seven piece band has thrilled audiences throughout Southern California. Learn more about us, our current gigs, and our new CD by browsing through our pages. You may even find a flying pig joke or two.

The two Cajun guys, after several hours of intense hunting of "Flying Pigs" in their rice field blind, decided that the reason they didn't get any of those pigs was that they didn't throw their retreiver high enough !!!

PIGS were killed when a tornado at Sutton-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, lifted their pens more than a quarter of a mile through the air. The pigs, belonging to farmer Michael Hewson, were killed by "flying huts". One eye witness reported seeing pigs being hurled around among chimney pots and tiles.

The Times 03/09/97 page 6
The Daily Telegraph 03/09/97 page 13

If you should see a Flying Pig,
Remember this injunction:
Stay in bed
Or cover your head.
(It's just his normal function.)

This lovely silver piggy and friends can be found at Dallas Pridgeon Jewelry

-lose their sooeycases
-go through mudal detectors for sowcureity
-take a shoat nap on the flight
-chews an airloin with cheap fares, like Pan Ham
-hope for swill weather with no turbulinks
-barrow a sowtcase from Mudder and Fodder
-eat unsowvory airloin food
-hold hams with each other during takehoof
-hope for a strong pigtail wind
-pork their automosqueal in the overnight lot
-root and holler when the plane lands safely

When Pigs Fly Bakery was started in March of 1993. Ron Siegel, who had run his own restaurant and at that time had worked in a restaurant in Boston, had decided to get into the bread baking business. He practiced baking loaves out of his home and when he was ready to start he rented out a small space in Wells, Maine and brought samples to local stores and restaurants. His first day in business he baked 80 loaves of bread. While visiting from California that May, his brother Andrew thought the bread was so good that he switched careers from accounting to bread baking and joined Ron in May of 1994. The two of them for the next six months worked 20 hour days mixing, rolling, baking, slicing, bagging and delivering "When Pigs Fly Bread" trying to keep up with the demand. During the summer of 1994 they hired their 1st employee. Soon they outgrew their oven and the bakery was relocated to their hometown in York, Maine. They spent a year and a half in their new location before it was time to move again. This time they purchased a lot of land and built a bakery that can be expanded upon if needed. The bread is all natural with no added fats, preservatives or dairy. Even though they bake over 8,000 loaves on busy days the baking process hasn't strayed from the 1st batch of 80 loaves baked 6 years ago. All 15 varieties are mixed from scratch each day using unbleached flour milled to our specifications. All other grains and flours are organic. Onions are roasted, potatoes are peeled and olives pitted on a daily basis. Today there are 45 employees working almost around the clock to get you the freshest bread possible.

When Pigs Fly, Inc.

When Pigs Fly...a wonderfully warm, inviting store located in historic Mt. Dora, Florida. This old two story house greets you with the sights and smells of happy pastimes and intriguing futures. Filled with antiques, country whimsy and cottage decor, your every wish will be fulfilled. Indulge yourself with bath & body choices that pamper you, fragrances that surround you and accessories that complete you. Visit us now, in the place some say could only happen.. When Pigs Fly...

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