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...and the rest of the German festival pigs...

A Pig in a Landscape

Polka-dot Pig

Flying Pig Commuters, Unite!

Tanks a Lot!

Is my neck growing?

What do you get when you cross a boar with a jet?

The club got its nickname when the Dayton Argylls,
whose mascot was a boar,
merged with the Wright Patt Jets rugby club.

Thanks to Karin Groening for this information!

Dayton Area Rugby Club Flying Pigs

I was at the beach yesterday and I spotted my first flock of flying pigs. There were 12 of them in formation. (Kay said that they were just kites shaped like pigs, but what do you expect from a non believer.) I wish I had remembered to bring the camera.

The First Pig to Fly!

The first historically recorded flight of a pig took place on British soil, at Leysdown in Kent in 1909. The pig was carried aloft by J.T.C. Moore-Brabazon, later the First Lord Brabazon of Tara, in his personal French-built Voisin aero plane. The pig was placed into a wicker basket, which was in turn strapped to a wing strut of the aero plane. A hand-lettered sign attached to the basket read: 'I am the first pig to fly.' Brabazon purposefully carried the pig aloft, thereby disproving the long help opinion that 'pigs can not fly.'

Now this IS really beginning to get out of hand!

I know you'll be delighted to know that an albanistic "Fliegand Porker" was sighted over Paul Brown Stadium May 11th. It was noted that they are about as rare as Cincinnati Bengal victories.


The picture above is just one of the wonderful flying pigs who graced this years' festival in Cinncinnati, Ohio. Here are the rest:

A Fly In The Oinkment


Allen Green Spam


Anne Sow, Fiemutter

Arts Pig Fly

Baby Pork


Button Glutton

Celestial Swine

There are many more, as you may have guessed, just proceed to the next page, please...

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