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Pigrools Street

Come win your own certificate by answering the Pig-O-Mania Quiz

1. How sensitive is the smell of a pig?
2. In contrast to their size, are pigs' stomachs small or big?
3. What family does a pig belong to?
4. Do pigs have sweat glands?
5. How many genera are pigs classified into?
6. Do pigs ruminate their food, or do they chew and swallow them?
7. Are pigs carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous animals?
8. Can a warthog outrun a leopard?
9. Which part of the pig can be transplanted into a human body?
10. How many pigs did Christopher Columbus bring with him on his second voyage in 1493?
11. Do domestic pigs like to watch TV and do they like the buzzing sound of telephones?

Has the Midwest heat wave been affecting the porkus aeronauticaus (midwestii) ???

What the pigs do is try to keep cool by availing themselves of local streams and ponds. But as humans, also suffering from the heat, appropriate the water holes, Porkas aeranauticus find the only way to keep cool is to fly at higher and higher altitudes. This has occasioned some delays in flights from the Cincinnati International Airport, as you might imagine.

Some researchers speculate that heat stroke was the leading killer of Galapagos flying pig, Porkus aeronauticaus galapagosus I myself hypothesis it was the over crowding and loss of suitable habitat......

Is it true that there have been found a small herd/group/wallow of them in a narrow canyon on the main island? I also found a reference to Porkus aeronauticus galapagusis in the log of the H.M.S. Beagle, " Said animals though quite large would be seen in the dawns first light soaring from the cliffs where we think they must roost at night . How this animal as yet unnamed can sustain flight with such stubby wings has many of us baffled . Side note , iguanas found , nothing too unusual, Charles Darwin , H.M.S. Beagle, 1763.."

This Humber armoured car or "Pig" is fitted with armoured screens which fold flat against the side of the vehicle and are swung out to provide protection from missiles. This excellent modification is known as a "Flying Pig".

Sandy Jaynes
Jacksonville, Florida

I am a believer in flying pigs. It started in 1991 when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Before she left me, we had a wonderful mother-daughter talk and she told me to "be happy, do what I want with who I want to do it with, it's my life and no one elses, dreams come true and Pigs Can Fly!" She was right. Not long after her departure from this life, I started riding Harleys. I immediately had to have a tattoo. I drew one of a Flying Pig. It is proudly displayed on my right hip. My license plate says "FLYNPIG" How fitting being the owner and rider of a hog! Today, I am engaged to be married to my best friend. A man whom I went to the same kindergarten, elementary, jr high with. We played on the same playground and shared the same friends. We were introduced by a mutual friend more than 7 yrs ago. He is a Pilot and a Federal law enforcement officer for a government agency.I'm so proud of him. He truly is my Flying Pig.... Sandy

Thu, 11 Nov 1999
It has been reliably reported locally that the Cincinnati Flying Pigs have all departed for the season. Their destination is, as always, Costa Rica where they fatten up on their diet of Monarch Butterflies and truffles. Eight of them, however, were spotted heading North for Polar regions, where, as you all know, they carry out their Christmas Eve assignment and pull the sleigh of one S. Claus.


Everyone knows
That a reindeer can't fly.
He don't got no wings.
We suspect that is why.

That myth is exploded.
The truth is now out.
That Santa is pulled
By a critter with snout.

Yes! Up in the sky!
Here he comes! There he goes!
One identifies team
By the shape of the nose.

Bringing presents to kiddies
(Some purchased at Biggs)
But always delivered
By eight Flying Pigs.

There's Rasher and Bacon.
There's Roger and Ham.
On Sausage and Truffle.
On Cyril and Spam.

Oh, see how the wings
Sweep the dark from the night,
A magnificent vision:
The Pigs in full flight!

Lord bless you. We wish you
Most Happy New Year.
May Santa's eight pigs
Bring both comfort and cheer.


This little piggy was found and sent to me by my sister, Laura Mathis, who lives in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Thank you!

...and these are on a lovely print, by Darcy Gerdes at Darc Art Prints which sells for $7.50. The print is 19-23".

We have no flying pigs here in sunny Florida - however, we were wondering if the airborne swine are like the buzzards in Ohio, the swallows in Capistrano or the "snowbirds" in Florida. Are they simply a seasonal occurrence? Do they migrate along known routes - perhaps following some porcine sixth sense? What are the chances that I could see some here in Florida? Should I be watching - or perhaps they're already here and I missed it. Perhaps they are nocturnal?


A local radio station has given credence to Art's flying pigs. As some of you may know, last summer downtown Chicago was invaded by cows- decorated by local artists and/or stores. That successful tourist campaign has given rise to several "copycat" city schemes- among them Cincinnati's "flying pigs".

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