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I ride the flying pig

Stan Rice

I ride the flying pig!
His ears stick up with excitement!
His eyes look out at the galazy!
He does not see me!
He has two fangs that come up over his lips!
He does not feel the brass pole in his back!
He wears a purple saddle!
I ride him through the mirrors!
The flying pig does not feel me!
I am as light as his saddle!
He has no reins!
The sunlight falls on the white benches!
The pig flies over the gleaming benches!
The brown eyes never change!
He is the flying pig with courage!
No rider can alter his cruel expression!
His little hooves stick out in front and in back!
He glides over the wood!
No on is as beautiful as my flying pig!
Not even the flying lion and the flying jackrabbit behind us!

to my creator...

Do any of you have any idea how
valuable white or albino flying pigs are to
members of the Elks Club? I thought not!


What are you talking about????
Did I miss something?


Aha! You had to ask!
Actually Flying Elks are the only known predators of Flying Pigs. Their fat accounts for the silky sheen of the Elk coat. I had not planned to write about the flying Pigs until after the return of the Buzzards to Hinkley Ohio. (You could look it up.) At this time, you may note that the Monarch Butterflies have left Costa Rica, a sure sign that the Aeronautical Porcines are on their way, Butterflys being a principle part of their diet.


BR294: Flying pig brooch -
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BR225: Piggy bank brooch -
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The Craft Castle
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Scotland, UK

Email enquiries to: CraftCastle@clan.com

This stained glass pig is full of whimsy. The body is a pewter-look casting and the wings are of dark rose and iridized clear glass.
Approximate size is 3 1/2 x 4".
Price $28.00
Item #F100

Advance to Go Art Glass Studio

PO Box 188,
370 So 4th Ave,
Hagerman, Id 83332
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Dear Peter, and anyone else who is wobbling from Art's latest messages:
Welcome to the OTHER Conch-L. Sometimes we get a little strange and lightheaded. It might be from the fumes of all those chemicals we have been mixing to melt away whale flesh, clean animals out of shells, and preserve seahorses. Anyway, the Flying Pigs (Art introduced them to us about two years ago!) are sort of mascots of Conch-L with an entire life history and ecology, subject of poem and song ("Hey Diddle Diddle, the Pig and the Fiddle," Neil Diamond's ever famous "Cracklins Rosie" ) Some people hate them, others deplore the off-topic postings. Whole WARS have been fought over them. (Art only THINKS that Flying Elk are the sole predators of his little critters! I know some ConchLers who had a flying pig barbeque!) And then there are those of us who have a great fondness for them. I personally prefer to believe they are little on-topic cowries with wings. But they are always with us, no matter what! Wander the archives. Or maybe Art has the flying pig thread indexed and will share it? One can only hope that the Elks are not common!

Lynn, ducking unfriendly fire!

Hi Art,
Several shell related questions as applied to the Flying Piglets; How uncommon are the albino or white specimens? Can they be artificially "whitened"? Are they resistant to whitening materials such as clorox, peroxides, etc etc, that is will they die when treated? Most of the terrestrial Piglets that are white have pigmented spots/areas on the underbelly and snoot. Would this be true of the Flying Piglets? Would the Elk think of these as not quite Gem quality?


Flying Pig Fridge Magnet

(2 1/2" long)
Treasure Box Collectibles

Dear EJ;-
Interesting that you should ask. Piglets are usually born on the roofs of skyscrapers, actually any building of more than nine stories. Their first flights occur during high winds when they can merely spread their budding wings and sort of soar in place. Flapping comes as they near the age of two months. White or albino pigs are quite rare and usually fall prey to eagles at an early age. The all black or nigressens pig is also unusual but survives by riding currents supplied by coal barges plying the Ohio River.


Albino pigglets are very unusual, but I prefer the tropical species, like Piglet violacea (grey with fine purple lines), Piglet rhodostoma (cream with, brown diamonds, red-wine noose, bluish wings), Piglet aurea (very nice !, golden points over pink), Piglet rubiventricosa (fattand delicately red stomach, great white wings), and micropiglet melanacanta (small, black, yellow squares, looks like a exotic bumble bee, don't take!, is under federal protection). Piglet nivea is the only white species I have in my collection.


Flying Pig Weathervanes

26"L x 17"H x 7"D
Polished Finish Show)
Copper Construction
Antiqued Finish - $240.00
Polished Finish - $260.00

How time does fly...like pigs and elks. It's almost time to pack those picnic lunches, umbrellas (for obvious reasons) and set off for the hills to watch for the thrilling return of the airborne porcine flocks! PS:I would suppose that a ham sandwich would not be a good item to pack in that lunch...pigs are soooo sensitive.


Flying Pigs on bathroom tiles
By Dodge Lane Potters Group

at Wilma's Cafe & Flying Pig Saloon
275 South Washington Street
Click for More on Sonora CA 95370

Saloon Voice Phone

Flying Pig Brewing Co.

2929 Colby Avenue,
Everett, Washington
Tel: (425) 339-1393
Sun - Thu, 11AM - 11PM;
Fri - Sat, 11AM - midnight

Those familiar with the brewpub scene in Everett will remember this as the site of the short-lived Glacier Peaks brewpub, which ran into financial difficulties early on in its short life. The current owners gave the place a new lease on life, taking over the facilities lock, stock, and brewhouse, and rechristening it the Flying Pig. It still has the fine custom-made wood bar, a roomy dining area, and a quiet, pleasant atmosphere. Unfortunately, downtown Everett doesn't have much of a "place to go" reputation, and this place can be almost too quiet some evenings. Locals and visitors alike are most welcome here, and it would be nice to see the Flying Pig make a go of things in its current form, as it offers some pretty good house brews, and a nice place in which to drink them.

Flying Pig Pub

78 South First St.
(between E. Santa Clara and
E. San Fernando sts.)
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 298-6710

Happy hours Weekdays: 3pm - 6:30pm
$2.75 per pint of beer and well drinks

Hours Monday, Saturday: 5pm - 2am Tuesday - Friday:
11:30am - 2am Closed Sundays
Bar menu served 11:30 a.m.- 10 p.m. Tue-Fri,
and 5 p.m.- 10 p.m Mon and Sat.; closed some holidays

Specialty Cincinnati chili, salads, fish and chips

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