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To boldly go where no Pig has gone before!

My girlfriend, Kathleen, bought me a cane and "ordered" me to use it. "When pigs fly" sez I! There is now a beanie baby size flying pig dangling from the handle, and I do use it! She also found this pig for me:

Villagers in central England have discovered that pigs really can fly, after 40 of the animals took to the air over the town of Sutton-on-Trent. The pigs were hurled into the air when a freak whirlwind hit a farm and lifted the animals' huts several metres off the ground. They were then carried for around half a kilometre. Their owner said many of the pigs died in the incident.


     The pilot of a crowded passenger jet made an emergency landing when the plane's fire alarms sounded, then discovered that the alarms had been triggered by 72 prize pigs in the cargo hold -- all passing gas at the same time!
      "All the heat and methane gas generated by the pigs' flatulence was enough to activate the alarms and signal an emergency," said a somber South African Airways spokesman.
      And perturbed passengers aboard the flight from London to Johannesburg say the gas passed by all those airy oinkers was enough to activate their alarms as well.
      "The minute I got a load of that smell, I knew somebody or something had had way too much to eat," recalled flabbergasted British businessman Thomas Moss.
      "Really, it was enough to knock you out of your seat. So when the pilot announced we were turning back, everybody on the plane breathed a giant sigh of relief -- and I think that was the first time any of us had breathed since the jet took off."

     This particular pig tale began when airline officials loaded the blowhard hogs aboard the jet for a cheduled 11-hour flight - never dreaming how much damage 72 rootin' and tootin' porkers could do to air quality aboard the jam-packed plane.
      "The breeder wanted to fly the pigs on a passenger flight because that plane was flying directly to South Africa," said an embarrassed airline spokesman. "He thought that would be less traumatic for the animals than putting them on a freighter flight, which would have stopped in several cities en route."
      But the plane was barely in the air before the porkers' penchant for pooting had the 305 human passengers aboard squirming in their seats.

      "Those pigs were down there eating and passing gas, eating and passing gas, and it didn't take long before that smell came seeping up into the passenger compartment," said amused tourist Teresa Nunez. "Nobody had taken into account the fact that pigs are very flatulent animals."
      But just minutes after takeoff, the less-than-refined swine had raised such a stink that the cockpit fire alarms sounded, forcing the panic-stricken pilot to make an emergency landing in London.
     "I was never so glad to be back on the ground in my entire life," laughed relieved Teresa, 37.       "When you're going to be stuck on a plane for 11 hours, you can only hope your fellow passengers are little more polite than those pigs -- and a little less gassy."


Porco Rosso
The Crimson Pig

A Japanese anime movie!

Bounty hunter, seaplane pilot and... a pig?

The time is the late 1920s; air piracy abounds, fascism is on the rise in Italy, and the age of pilot adventurers is drawing to a close. However, above the Adriatic Sea flies a lone bounty hunter...

     This is a story of innocence, violence, portents, pirates, courage, and valient acceptance. And it may actually have happened. If it did, it happened twelve and a half centuries ago, in one of the most beautiful places on earth.
     Off the coast of Provence, just opposite Cannes in the south of France, is the island known as Saint-Honorat. Since the early fifth century, an abbey has stood on that island. A large installation, it was for centuries known simply as the Great Abbey of Lérins.
     About the year 732, the stories say, an angel came to Lérins to sound a dire warning: The abbey was going to be attacked from the sea, very soon, by fierce pirates.
     By this time, the abbey had been established for more than two centuries, and some five hundred persons were living there ­­ monks, novices, potential monks, and other students. The angel appeared to the abbot, a saintly man named Porcarius. The stories do not say whether the visitation occurred as a dream, vision, revelation, or premonition; but Porcarius believed its message without question, and at once he began to make preparations.
     What could he do? He had more than five hundred souls to take care of. There was no question of trying to fight the marauders, who in any case were experienced pirates ­­ Saracens, probably, from Spain or North Africa. Porcarius's immediate challenge was to protect as many of his charges as possible.

     He did that. He had one boat at his disposal, and he directed all the younger men and boys to board it. He thus managed to remove all the students and thirty-six of the younger monks from the island and to safety. Then it was time for his next, and very nearly his last, task. He gathered everyone who was still on the island, and together they prepared for the event that they were convinced was drawing near.
     They made their confessions, prayed for courage, determined to seek the gift of forgiveness of their enemies, and generally settled themselves to suffer with grace.
     The invasion happened quite quickly. The barbarians landed on the island, just as the angel had foretold. They broke into the abbey, and viciously slaughtered all but four of those who had remained. Then it was over.
     Those four who were not murdered were carried off into slavery, but the stories do not say whether Abbot Porcarius was one of them, or how he died.
     The names of St. Porcarius and his companions have come down through the ages as martyrs. The abbey still stands.

Name: Brai'nth Age : 1010 Yrs Color: Purple/Green Gender: Male Bel'ryan, one of the dragons listed below. Thumped on the window of the office the other day and pointed out into the woods. He told us about a dragon that had found our site and was asking about getting adopted. Thus Brai'nth came to my attention! He's been dropping in on the dragons here at the Adopt a Dragon Foundation for quite a while and the others have just informed me of that! They say the word is spreading in the dragon community about ADF and more dragons are beginning to think about actually coming out of hiding to live with humans. Brai'nth, according to Bel'ryan, found the ADF site while flying over one evening and stopped to investigate. He's been hanging around here for about 2 weeks according to Bel. (and I thought I knew all the goings on around here! NEVER think you know everything about dragons!)

Supporter of the Adopt a Dragon

..yes, the wattle on Porkus aeronauticus does somewhat resemble a turkey wattle. It develops between the neck and collar bone during the mating season. Its color attracts the opposite sex; however the wattle itself works as a sounding chamber, enabling P.a. to change his usual "oink" or "umfph" to a sexual "yii-eee" which, as anyone can see, is a most attractive sound.

Art Weil

"When Pigs Fly" Birdhouse

7" x 15"



1645 Greenleaf Avenue
Elk Grove Village, Ill.,


fax 847-952-0305

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