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I am a Police Officer/Pilot for the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department Helicopter Unit.

DAVE 690 --The Cheshire Cat

Damn. I guess pigs DO fly!

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When pigs fly the coop, they become British celebrities:
"Ze Swine have escaped," said the staid Times in an editorial.

"Great entertainment when pigs can fly to freedom."

The Three Flying Pigs and the Big Bad Bumblebee

By Austin, Grade 3, Lincoln Elementary School, Fairfield, Iowa, USA

One day I looked out my window. I saw three flying pigs. There was a bumblebee chasing them. It had a stinger on him. He was yellow and black. The bumlebee stung them. They were ok. They lived in a brick house. They liked it. It was warm and safe. It was safe because it was strong

A perception cannot be "wrong"--your senses are just doing their job.
If you genuinely saw pigs fly, it doesn't matter whether the pigs were actually caught in a whirlwind, or you were watching an animated cartoon, or you were asleep and dreaming.
Your perception was "true".
At the time of the perception, perception seems infallible.
One cannot say "I perceive a flying pig, but there isn;t one there."
If you didn't think a flying pig was there, you wouldn't say, "I see a flying pig," but "I see an *illusion* or a *picture* of a flying pig."

"Absolute knowledge means never having to change your mind."

Sarge Gerbode
Institute for Research in Metapsychology
950 Guinda St.
Palo Alto, CA 94301

The ides of March are fast upon us. This the month when, traditionally, the swallows come back to Capistrano, the buzzards (I kid you not) come back to Hinkley, and the flying pigs return to Cincinnati from their Winter nestings in Southern Italy.

There will be the usual parades, greetings, and remarks by the mayor. Then the children will join in and throw ears of corn in the air to be plucked on the wing by the porcine aeronauts.

For several weeks the city fathers have been carting fresh mud to the (as we call them) stys in the skies. The pigs used to nest high atop downtown buildings. This however has been vigorously discouraged since some of the citizens strolling in that area have been heard to mutter things like: "What is it that just fell on my head?". Nowadays, the porkers are encouraged to nest in open forest areas or on the roofs of people who don't go out much.

I know you will all join me on March 5th (a legal holiday in southwest Ohio) in wishing all your friends a Happy Pig Day.

When Pigs Fly

By Laura Hardison
From Plants Sites & Parks magazine,
September/October 1997
It's bad enough for transferred employees to break news of a relocation to family members, but what about the family pet? Among the chaos of moving and relocating, the family poodle, persian or potbellied pig can feel left in the doghouse. Air Animal Inc., however, keeps pet relocation on a short leash. The Tampa, Fla.-based company provides pet moving services to relocation management firms, corporations, movers and families around the globe. Veterinarian Walter Woolf and his wife, Millie, started the company in 1977 and have transported their fair share of purring, perching and porcine friends to locations as far flung as China and Zaire.

Potbellied Pig Windsock
Made of 100% Dupont Flag Material , 60 inches long and 16 inches around. You can let this little guy announce to the world your love of pigs. It has a large brass snap swivel for easy connection, is purple, lavender, and yellow with a silhouette of our friend the potbellied pig. Priced at $29.95 plus $4.50 S&H. This pig will really fly!
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Dear Art,
Last night as I lay down trying to sleep I heard this buzzing sound overhead that I could not identify. This is unusual since I live near the Mobile Regional Airport. Anyway, I stepped outside to see what was happening. At first I coul not believe it, but I rubbed my eyes and they were still there, flying north in a perfect V formation was a flock of pigs. You might want to be alert. They should be nearing your area any time now. Oh, and just to stay on subject - the lead pig was playing a tune on a large and distinct Triton's trumpet.

Doug Shelton

Winged Pig Gargoyle This fierce Italian favorite, with his huge wingspan, will be equally protective in any room in the house.

Product Number: 4119
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Winged Pig Gargoyle (Mini-size) Though he stands only 6 inches high, this ferocious looking figure can do a good job of protecting an area, albeit small.

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"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes -- and ships -- and sealing-wax --
Of cabbages -- and kings --
And why the sea is boiling hot --
And whether pigs have wings."

Flying Pig

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