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Flying Pig Pilsner

The hunting of flying pigs was the exclusive pastime of Cincinnati's more eccentric beer barons. The thunderous sound of a flock of flying pigs erupting into flight was an experience seldom forgotten. The blunderbuss used in hunting this rare hog was so effective that by 1989 the species was extinct. But, "Oh, what a barbecue...."

Our Pilsner is a clean, crisp beer with a delicious hop finish. This is the original lager beer developed by the Pilsner Urquell brewery in 1842. Before this time, all beers had been dark and hazy. The clean taste of this brilliantly clear, golden colored beer revolutionized the brewing industry. The secret of this new beer was a bottom fermenting yeast, aged at cold temperatures.

I've heard it's a dangerous sign when you see pink elephants.
Sharing a beverage with a pink elephant might make you feel
as though YOU were *flying* with pigs.

Ocho Cafe

Broadway At The Beach
21st Ave. N. & Hwy. 17 Bypass,
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Take a trip across the border to this Tex-Mex cafe and cantina. Come and sip one of their famous margaritas and watch the flying pigs while sittng at their 55-foot long cement bar. Dine on their huge patio deck overlooking the lake and try the best Tex-Mex in the Carolinas. They feature mesquite grilled ribs, quail, fajitas, fresh fish, plus all the favorite traditionals as well. Don't forget to ask about their "Pig Whiz" beer!!

This is Joseph Wu's wonderful "When Pigs Grow Wings and Fly" To download directions for making it...

On December 22, 1997, United States District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan ruled that pigs have wings. Judge Kaplan left the question of whether pigs could fly for the jury to decide.

The Flying Pig Downtown Hostel is situated less than 500 m. from Amsterdam's central station. in the old heart of Amsterdam. A recent renovation transformed a three star hotel to a luxury Hostel for young people and an international reknown meeting spot right in the middle of Amsterdam's most exclusive shopping street.

Nieuwendijk 100
1012MR Amsterdam
Tel: (31).20.420 68 22
Fax: (31).20.624 95 16

The Flying Pig Park Hostel, in a more traditional atmosphere, is located at the edge of the Vondel park and closeby Amsterdam's 3 top Museums. You are just inches away from 200 paintings of Van Gogh and Rembrandt's worldfamous "Nightwatch". Relax on the "Leidse Plein" nearby after your cultural explorations.

Vossiusstraat 46-47
1071AJ Amsterdam
Tel: (31).20.400 41 87
Fax: (31).20.400 41 05


Austria's Hermann Maier threw caution to the wind in his last race on Thursday to annihilate the opposition and storm to his second gold medal of the Winter Olympics in the men's giant slalom. With the sun shining and his "Good Luck Hermann Maier'' banner depicting a winged pink pig munching a four-leafed clover waiting for him at the finish, he was the fastest on both legs, clocking a combined time of two minutes 38.51 seconds. The banner was made and displayed by Maier's girlfriend Petra.

Brian Williams (Reuters)

Adara's Creatures

These custom made figurines are "too cute for words". They stand 3 to 4 inches tall, and no two are alike! Make sure to specify your preferences and Addara will craft it for you! Check them out! Prices range from $8.50 to $15.

Can Pigs Fly ?

by Meaghan, Kate , Joanna and Jane

Pigs live in outer space so there for they can fly.

my name is meaghAN AND i like pigs

You can send mail to the author


A musical revue

This is the story of Howard who is putting on a show in the midst of a theatre under rennovations, performer difficulties, and the memory of a high school guidance councelor who told him that he would be able to realize his theatrical goals.

at theDouglas Fairbanks Theatre
432 West 42nd Street
New York, NY

Monday, Wednesday - Friday @8PM
Saturday @5PM & 8PM
Sunday @2PM & 5PM

Tickets: $45
Tele-charge: 212-239-6200
Outside NY: 800-432-7250
Groups: 212-398-8383 / 800-223-7565

Some little pigs go to market. Ours fly there.
Can you find the airplane among these barnstormers ?

Contents: 750+5 Piece 24" x 24" Jigsaw Puzzle

Order #: #114-508
Price : $12.95

Some Place Else



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