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Hi human. I can see that you have a pure heart. Your guardian angel is not here, so I shall try to protect you from Count Pigula while you are here. Of course, if you come to visit our lands, at The World Of Sus Scrofas I will have help from our other citizens. It's not easy being a Foreign Ambassador! Especially when pigs like this broomrider live there, too!

This past year the Star Courier has celebrated heroes and the good news in the communities we serve. We have united with various groups to develop solutions to problems facing all of us. For more than 100 years we have informed our readers of all that has happened around us. We all have dreams for our community, dreams that anything can be accomplished if we all join together in creating solutions to problems thought to be unsolvable. We have chosen a mascot to represent this "possibility thinking". When someone feels a situation is too big a problem or the solution is out of reach, they often say "That will be the day when pigs fly." Hence, here in Hog Capital County, we have chosen a flying pig as our champion of dreams.
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Dear Flying Pig,
I've been putting up with your crap for months, and, unable to verbalize my feelings in a manner in which you would understand, put the matter aside until I could conjur up a more focused thought to bear. In a nutshell, you smell real bad. And another thing, if you want to STAY in the basement, then you'd better clean up that mess, or you'll wish you were burning at the stake, uh, on a spit! After all, I took you in and gave you a place to stay so you wouldn't have to fly South this Winter, and that stinky mess is the thanks I get? I think NOT!

Your Mistress

Dear Honeybunch,
I'm the lowest form of life for neglecting to clean out the basement like I agreed to. I was really out there and thought I could get someone else to do it. So I'm sitting in the dark, waiting to die, hoping you don't sell me into scientific experiments. Please let me live, it's not my fault I have a broken wing! Talk to the kid with the BB-gun! Sheeeeesh!!!
Mr. Lucky Pig

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The Flying Pigs have recently played surprise, unannounced night club appearances, under the name "The Flying Pigs", so be prepared for the unexpected.

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Flying Pigs/P.J. O'Connell P.O. BOX 61099 Durham, N.C. 27715-1099

One day there was a girl named Taron. Taron had a best friend named Emily. Emily loved pigs and Taron loved rabbits. Taron and Emily were walking to school one day when Emily found a sick pig on the side of the road. Emily took the pig home to take care of it.When Her and Taron went to school and told everyone about the sick pig that they found, no one believed them. This mean boy named Billy made fun of them. He cracked jokes like "Ya, when pigs fly.

" "We're gonna show you " shouted Taron. Emily and Taron lost all of their friends and we're very sad. Emily and Taron went home and cried. All of a sudden they heard a sweet and gentle voice say " Everythings going to be OK, We'll show them" Then they looked who was talking, it was Wilbur, the sick pig. Wilbur gave Taron a rabbit to cheer her up and Wilbur Picked up both both girls and flew up into the sky and they landed at the school. taron showed off her rabbit and Emily showed off her pig. They became the most popular girls in the school.

About the Author:
I am 12 years old and I live in Ft. Worth, Texas . I love pigs and Taron loves rabbits. This story was dedicated to Taron Prior. My fav color is purple. I go to St. Paul Lutheran School. I am in the eighth grade.
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Fri, 13 Feb 1998 18:09:34 -0500
"n.crusan" luckypig@citrus.infi.net

I wish to report a sighting. On February 11, 1998, when I went out to feed my potbellied pigs, I noticed there were extra piggys in the group, on closer inspection, three pigs leaped up and flew overhead! I ran for my camera, but unfortunately they made a clean escape! They were heading southwest towards Tampa. For several days thereafter, I noticed my potbellied pigs leaping into the air, only to crash back to the ground, I think those flying pigs started something! I will keep you posted.
Nancy & Emma Louise

Pork Chop's Little Piece Of Heaven On Earth

these two kinds of "angel" pigs were sent to me by Stef, Percy & Porter,
(Beach bums, Babe and two cool dudes ), rmont@worldnet.att.net Thank you!!!

Sun, 15 Feb 1998 11:35:10 -0500 (EST)
Name: Rebecca DiNolfi
STATE: Levittown,Pa.

I really enjoyed your humor about flying pigs,My husband JACK and I have been the proud parents of two Potbellied Pigs. They have both earned their wings by doing animal assisted therapy work at nursing homes, hospitals and special needs schools. They are both girls. Reggie is going to be 5 years old on Feb. 26th. and Pepper will be 4 in July.
We have been doing this kind of work for almost 4 years now. Potbellied Pigs are well suited to this kind of work because of there cleanliness and inteligence.
This was great......Rebecca and the girls

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Release Date: 1993

Release Information: This album was produced by the Center of rock'n'roll congregations of united Evangelist-Lutheran churches of Russia, St. Petersburg.
Front Cover: black band across the top with the words Pink Floyd Animals (in English and in Russian underneath). In the top right corner is the AnTrop logo. Under the black band is the picture of Battersea Power Station with the flying pig.
Back Cover: back band across the top with Pink Floyd Animals and song titles on the left in English and on the right in Russian ("Pigs On The Wing" is translated to "Flying Pigs"). Underneath is the picture of Battersea Power Station with the flying pig.

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