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The Toronto Globe and Mail reports that a commercial jet carrying 72 pigs and 300 human passengers had to make an emergency landing after having its fire alarms triggered by excessive levels of methane, ammonia and body heat in the cargo hold where the pigs were traveling (you surely did not expect that the pigs were traveling economy class). Apparently, excessive flatulence, urine, droppings and the heat generated by the bodies of the pigs caused the automated fire-extinguishing system to flood the cargo hold with halon, killing 15 of the very valuable hogs. The risks of flying pigs are evident.

January 19, 1998

You folks act as tho flying pigs were something new. Puleeze! Don't you know that several flew down and landed on the Ark after the flood?! Of course only one male and one female remained on board. The rest flew, well we don't know where they flew. What we do know is there are still flying pigs!

(EMAIL) Patamar@ecis.com

...like I, right now, might wish to create the category "live animals flying through air possibly causing damage". This category is to include birds as well as pigs which have been catapulted from a device which somebody invented. However, I very much doubt that my "category" would be accepted by the rest of the world, since there are simply too many differences between flying pigs and flying birds. Nonetheless it is undeniable that if somebody does get pigs to fly, one certainly has "the right" to come up with such a "category", even though nobody else shares it...


Some people have a hard time getting past Lowenstein singing about "The Journey to the Land of the Flying Pigs" but I always get a grin, though I have no idea what the song is supposed to be about.

Just over a year ago, there was a fabric out that had a light blue background, and was covered with fat pink cute flying pigs... I would love to buy three yards of this is I could find any. If you have some stockpiled, and would sell me some, or know where I could find some, please let me know!!

from:Cricket, 103002.2507@compuserve.com

Handpainted Tie is :Flying Pigs 38.95

Write to Wanda Parkes at 24 Hamfield Cottages, Lower Road, Cookham Rise, Berkshire SL6 9HA UK. Enclosing either a drawing for Wanda to work from or a detailed description of the design and a cheque for 10.00 (non refundable) to cover the initial design. A copy of the design will be returned to you for your approval. Changes may then be requested and upon receiving a cheque for the remaining amount the article will be made and posted to you.

Each item is priced on an individual basis depending on the size of the item and the complexity of the design. For further details please either write to Wanda at the above address or email ties@mintus.demon.co.uk with your name and telephone number.

Flying Pig Ranch is where ideas take flight and the impossible becomes possible. Besides video production we provide an internet nexus for people in our industry to communicate, and share creative thought on our mail lists.

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My complaint about flying pigs

"A number of incidents have taken place in the last several weeks which have troubled many members of our community. Let's get down to business: It is probably safe to assume that flying pigs' particular brand of vigilantism will eviscerate freedom of speech and sexual privacy rights in the immediate years ahead. Their agendas are built on a backlash fueled by anger -- in the form of resentment, spite, vengeance, envy, loss, and bitterness over declining status -- on the part of depraved twits. Think of their criticisms as being the sum of two components: a yawping component that consists of their desire to burn books and a primitive component that consists of everything else. We are concerned primarily with the former. They keep coming up with new ways to coordinate a revolution. Flying pigs' subordinates have been trained, organized, and motivated to convince dastardly undesirables that there is absolutely nothing they can do to better their lot in life besides joining flying pigs. And that, in my view, is our real problem."

This eloquent purple prose was created by The automatic complaint-letter generator

Wonderful way to rid your system of, uh, well, you know!

Danger! DO NOT follow THIS link!
You have been WARNED!"

I'll buy Designer Checks When Pigs Fly!

Designer Checks
PO Box 9222
Anniston, Alabama,


Warning!!! Warning!!! The Porgs are coming!!!

Thu, 05 Feb 1998 13:23:49 -0500

Hey Art!
While playing the radio the other day, I heard some strange noises which were definitely NOT music. I heard electronic static and "music" and a voice that was very mechanical, and yet "Porkish" stating: "Resistance is futile! You will sty-mied. We are the Porg and you will be assimulated". Needless to say, this was NOT my idea of a future! Have you heard of this imminent invasion of the Porgs? Could it be a flying pig plot to conqueror the world with outside help?

Dear Mark;
I doubt if flying pigs plot much of anything. They rarely do anything together. Even finding them flying in formation is a very rare occurance. They are reported to nest in marshy areas, although there is a report of at least one instance of the Porker adopting a Stork's nest at a house in Upper Foot, England. One scientist, Edvard Gluelip of the Albanian National Museum, has suggested that some flying pigs communicate by both ear and tail wiggles among themselves, using snuffles and oinks merely to warn off predators.

      ONE of only three remaining Vickers Valetta aeroplanes in the world has been destroyed in an arson attack at a museum.
      Enthusiasts had spent two years restoring the 50-year-old aircraft, affectionately known as one of the "flying pigs" because of their bulky fuselage. It was set on fire by vandals as it stood on its blocks outside the North-East Aircraft Museum in Washington, Tyne and Wear.
       The Valetta, which was equipped to carry 36 paratroopers, was based in Malta with the RAF between 1951 and 1968. It replaced the Dakotas in 1947 before being superseded by Hercules transporters in 1968. Most of the fleet was scrapped, but one was rescued in 1969 by the Sunderland Flying Club which handed it to the museum 10 years later.
       Dave Charles, 34, chairman of the museum, said: "It was so rare that it would be impossible to value. In one moment of mindless vandalism they have wiped out two years of strenuous effort and 50 years of history. It sickens me."
       This year marks the Valetta's 50th anniversary and the museum was planning a special celebration. The surviving aircraft are in the Royal Aircraft Museum, Wolverhampton, and the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum.

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