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When Pigs Fly
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Treasure Box Collectibles
124 La Arroya
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Flying Pig on a stand (3 1/2" high) $9.75
Each Pigs may be ordered with or without black spots.

Flying Pig Fridge Magnet (2 1/2" long) $6.25

Indonesian Flying Animals

Also known as "Spirit-Chasers", they are hand-carved from balsa wood pieces, and hand painted. Traditionally made to protect sleeping children from evil spirits, assuring their safe return to this reality when waking up. Hey! Maybe us grown-ups could use them as well.

Colors vary.
Small pig 4 1/2 inches, $15.00
Large pig 16 inches from snout to hoof, $65.00

Wed, 12 Mar 1997

... There is the replica of a steamboat, not the whole boat, but four stacks and a pilot's walkway. And out of each of the four stacks is a replica of a flying pig. The point in having the pigs is that Cincinnati was once known as "Porkopolis" because of the many meat-packing companies here. The pigs are done flying out of the stacks to depict their angelic change from pig to pork. When it was built, there was a good deal of opposition to the "Flying Pigs". But now they are ours and people visiting the park insist on at least one photograph of them."

Art Weil

Sun, 13 Apr 1997

It must be spreading. I saw flying pigs today in a little town northwest of Houston. Should we worry?

Lucy Clampit

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Mon, 5 May 1997

I am surprised that all our learned scholars of flying pigs, mussels, squirrels etc did not have some comment on the apparently genuine incident this past weekend when a Japanese fishing boat was "taken out" by a flying cow that fell from the sky! Some Russians had rustled a bunch of cows onto a transport plane, but the cows went crazy during the flight, leaving no option but for them to be jettisoned from the rear loading bay. The Japanese fishermen's call for help was ignored at first since no-one believed them! The boat sank and the poor guys were rescued and then arrested. They were only released after confirmation of the incident from a Russian source!
So there you have it: first pigs, then cows!

Rob Tarr

Tue, 3 Jun 1997

When I walked out of my house at 7:45 a.m. today, I looked up and saw a huge black and white cow flying overhead, headed for the Mississippi River about a mile away. Really! It was only when I heard "whoosh" that I realized it was a hot air balloon. A great way to start the day .

Marian E Havlik

Capital city of a state of mind where pigs can fly!

You are invited by the Mayor, Dan Schultz, to drop in sometime!

17 September, 1997

While recently collecting freshwater mussels and snails, we noticed a small squadron of flying pigs heading in a southerly direction. Where does the eastern species, Porcus avionius oreintensis, go for the Winter? Do they go to Mexico and hang around in the trees like the Monarch butterflies, to the Caribbean and loll around on the beaches drinking margueritas or do they disappear into the Amazonian rainforest to breed, and if so, at what age do the fledglings/porklings (forklings?) learn to fly? Also, when might we expect to see them return in the Spring?
Mark & Mariah

Unfortunately, the southern migration is not so exotic as you have surmised. Both mating and breeding take place in more northerly locations. Piglets acquire their avionics skills during pre-pubesence, only to be tested in the migratory state. The purpose/reason/drive for the southerly move is culminated in testing kitchens throughout the southern US and the Caribbean. The goal - to find the perfect jerked, smoked and barbequed recipes for our enjoyment!

The Curmudgeon

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