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Notes for AEthelbald II "King" of Wessex

∆ T H E L B A L D
(858-60 AD)

While his father, ∆thelwulf, was on pilgrimage to Romein 855,
∆thelbald plotted with the Bishop of Sherbourne and the
ealdorman of Somerset against him. The specific detailsof the
plot are unknown, but upon his return from Rome,•thelwulf
found his direct authority limited to the sub-kingdomof Kent,
while •thelbald controlled Wessex.

•thelwulf died in 858, and full control passed to•thelbald.
Perhaps •thelbald's premature power grab was occasionedby
impatience, or greed, or lack of confidence in hisfather's
succession plans. Whatever the case, he did not livelong to
enjoy it. He died in 860, passing the throne to hisbrother,
•thelbert, just as •thelwulf had planned.

AEthelbald, King of England

Born: ABT 834
Acceded: 13 JAN 858, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey
Died: 20 DEC 860
Interred: Sherborne Abbey, Dorset

Father: , AEthelwulf, King of England, b. ABT 800

Mother: , Osburga

Married 860 ANNULMENT to , Judith, Princess


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