Mark and Mariah's Family Tree

consisting, at present, of 166 generations

Husband: ~*Alfred "the Great " "King" of England
Born: 849 at: Wantage,Berkshire,England 49-150,591, 029 Married: 868 at: Winchester,England Died: 26 OCT 899 at: England Father:~*AEthelwulf "King" of Wessex Mother: ~*Osburga Other Spouses: NOTES
Wife: ~*Ealmswith of the Gaini
Born: 849 at: Mercia,England 49-150,591,030 Died: 5 DEC 905 at: St. Mary's Abbey,Winchester,Dorsetshire,England Father:~*Aethelred Mucil "Earl" of Gainai Mother: ~*Eadburga Other Spouses: NOTES
Name: AEthelgeofu "Abbess" of Shaftesbury Born: at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses:
Name: ~*Alfthryth "Princess" of England Born: 865 at: Wessex,England 46-18,823,874(50- ) Married: Abt 888 at: Died: 7 JUN 926 at: Spouses: ~*Baldwin II "the Bald" "Count" of Flanders NOTES
Name: ~*Ethelfreda "Princess" of England Born: Abt 869 at: Wessex,England 44-4,703,204 Married: at: Died: 12 JUN 918 at: Gloucester,Gloucestershire,England Spouses: ~*Athelred "Earl" of Mercia NOTES
Name: ~*Edward "the Elder" "King" of England Born: 869 at: Wessex,England 48-75,295,515 (36-17, 938)(41-1, 293, 188) Married: at: Died: 17 JUL 924 at: Fardon-on-Dee,Mercia,Cheshire,England Spouses: *Ecgwyn ~*Eadgifu Meapham of Kent ~*Aelflaeda NOTES
Name: Edmund Born: Abt 870 at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses:
Name: AEthelweard Born: 880 at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses:

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